Monday, October 4, 2010

A History of Climate Change

I really like the narrator's closing remarks about encouraging open dialogue about climate change. Far different from Al of the Gore's congressional remarks about the science of global warming (renamed climate change and now global climate disruption in the wake of the cooling trend) being settled and that a consensus exists. The consensus of course is only amongst the government funded scientific body which sold it's soul for carbon credits to be bought and sold on an open market (next housing bubble fiasco).

Corporations which run the country and control the politicians (fascism) have invested huge amounts of money in this system. They really thought it was a slam dunk! But like the proverbial white guy that can't jump, ended up getting the ball back in the face and they know it! However being that there is still roughly half of the population still receiving information from the corporate media, many still maintain humans cause climate disruption (or whatever the fuck they call it today) through the increased output of Co2. This quite simply is bullshit. Co2 follows temperature changes, it doesn't cause them. Think about it. As temperature increases, plant life becomes more abundant. What also must obviously increase to support more plant life? Hence the historical increase in Co2 that always follows temperature increases. How can people be manipulated into believing the opposite?

I suppose there are many reasons why people need to believe in anthropogenic climate change. The most obvious reason is if people cause the problem then we can surely fix it too. The real problem is we have been convinced through no fault of our own, that the earth's very complex systems can be explained in extremely simplified (almost childish) versions that only reflect a tiny amount of truth.

The real truth of the matter is even the most brilliant scientists can not comprehend the entire magnitude of all of the planets very complex, interacting, systems that comprise the wonderful mystery of our world. We are only a mere surface condition on a vastly more complex entity that provides and allows us to be. We have been here for one blink of this entity's eye. Perhaps after two blinks she may become aware of our existence, although this could be debated. Yet we somehow have come to believe that we somehow possess the power and knowledge to bring this vast entity to an early demise. What a fucking joke! The only thing we are learning is how much we don't understand, and that is a lot. This however should never prevent us from trying.

Please remember that our simplistic little lives, while welcomed and important to us, must be kept in perspective. What matters to us often has little or no consequence to anything other than us, and thus the true problem emerges. Our society will only survive and thrive as long as we keep perspectives in line with reality instead of politically manufactured, consensus reality. There is a difference. Perhaps the only thing in real danger is the collapse of our own society due to ignorance in trusting our corrupt government. I have every confidence that just such a collapse would prove to be a gigantic evolutionary leap for all of mankind!

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