Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Creepy, Crawly, Ebee Gebees of Fascism

Fascism never just overtly appears in it's full blown, authoritarian, police state infusing, security obsessed, law abiding, liberty shattering, glorified, fear mongering, war touting, state of being. It crawls upon us slower than a snail, leaving a slimy trail of goo just the same. That very goo trail, if followed in reverse, leads us to the proof of the slow motion car wreck we find ourselves experiencing this very moment. We are collectively in the brake screeching moment right before the bone crushing impact of the collective realization that we are no longer free or safe from the horrors of tyranny. To put it in modern day terms, we've all just been owned and we are all the government's bitches!

A very strong case can be made that we deserve what is coming to us, since the vast majority of us are more absorbed with the state sponsored, bread and circuses of our day. Half of us still subscribe to the corporate media's view of manufactured reality where Osama bin Laden is still alive and threatening our way of life by directing the Muslim extremists to attack us because they hate us for our freedoms. If that were true why have we not been attacked in over 9 years then? Are we to believe that our wonderful security complex of the federal government learned from their dismal failures on 9-11? I am transported back to the day when King George stood on the smoldering pile of destruction at ground zero, in true Alex Jones fashion
(bullhorn in hand), proclaiming that the people who knocked those buildings down would answer to the wrath of the American people. A true twist of irony would be if that proclamation came to fruition as I think it will.

As a result of 7 years of War on Terror, the silent majority, so desperate to rid our country of the Neocon's obsession with war and stripping us of our rights, believed in hope and change. Our country fell victim to the most focused political campaign of false hope every to be unleashed. In record time, hope and change morphed back into shock and awe, so that we now threaten to return to the Republicans! So goes the circus, round and round much to the glee of the fascists. Republicrats will never bring a resolution to fascism, they are the implementation arm of the fascists. Want proof? Look behind them, see that trail of goo dripping off their slimy souls?

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