Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reality Disconnect

What the fuck is wrong with Americans?
Are we on some sort mass induced disconnect from reality?
I really think you could walk in any average American home and steal it right out from under the family and as long as there is still beer, football, and American Idol, no one will make a peep!

We have become a pathetic excuse for people. Need I remind everyone our heritage is to rebel against the assholes, not go along just to get along. What is it going to take? How long before we all say enough is enough? Do we ever muster the will to stand up against the corporate, governmental, financial, pharmaceutical, military, industrial complex? Or are we going to just go into the night on a submissive whimper? Why have we become such a pussified peoples? (Pussified is not a word according to the red underline but I think it should be, therefore it is!)

In France today we find a national strike continuing. They are out in the streets because the government announced their retirement age is increasing to 62 from 60. Think about that a minute. Most Americans think that it is ridicules, but I am actually envious of the French people's balls to stand against the government's failure to keep their contract with the people.
This is what is called austerity measures. What it really means is the people must do with less so the leaders can have more. The French people have no dirt on their knees, meanwhile back in the States, the government issued knee pads are going over really well with the slaves. Oh look they care about us so much they don't want us to hurt our little knees while we are performing; I can spend more time on my knees than you can, YES WE CAN!

I am disgusted. I am pissed, as much at the sheeple as I am the assholes that rape us. This shit only stops when people stop being ignorant victims and start being active citizens.
It all starts with one simple word. NO!

NO to the Federal Reserve who since 1913 has been responsible for every depression and recession, and overall, wholesale looting of what was once the richest most productive country on the face of the earth.

NO to the nonstop, illegal wars being fought in our name all over the globe. We are at war with the world people. It is destroying us on every level, from economic to our moral levels of being.
People are tortured in our name. What karmic responsibility do we carry as a result of that? We can't claim ignorance like the German people of Hitler's era, for we know what is being done in the name of fighting terrorists. WE BECOME THE TERRORISTS!

NO to the unquestioning support of the illegal state that is Israel.
Fact: Israel never proclaimed their borders.
Fact: Israel posses nuclear bombs.
Fact: Israel was the main culprit on 9-11.
Fact: Israel is conducting widespread genocide on Palestinians.
Fact: Israel has become more dangerous to the world than any other country as a result of "OWNING" the United States, putting them (Israelis) in control of the strongest military the world has ever seen.

NO to the constant export of manufacturing jobs to cheap labor countries. There will be NO economic recovery without the ability to manufacture goods other people need. Shuffling worthless pieces of paper, known as money, is no fix. As the unfolding mortgage debacle is proving, it is only making matters much worse.

NO to a corporate media that does nothing but lie for it's masters instead of reporting what is truly happening in our government.

NO to the brainwashing of the American people into thinking that everything is fine if only my team wins this week!

The reality disconnect I am speaking of has a way of mesmerizing all of us. It's rather simple actually, either we take it too them, or we take it in the........yeah. Once you stop taking it, you realize how good it feels. Try it some time, or have you all grown to like that feeling, while trying out your government issued knee pads!

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