Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Tetrahedrons Explode

This post will have a slightly different flavor then the normal political, economic type post. This one will dance off into more esoteric hues that will resemble more of a rocky road flavor, if anything. Please unfasten your seat belts, get comfy and take a flight of fancy into the realm of perceived reality, not to be confused with the outer simulation of reality that appears to have most of it's foundations in illusions. Step to the back of the bus, as opposed to being thrown under it, and yes Rosa, sit wherever the fuck you want to, but don't keep asking if we are there yet!

Good, now that we culled the readership down to only those who are seriously taunted by the splinter in the mind syndrome, we may proceed. Having grasped the established fact that we are hurtling through space at ridicules speeds on a mud ball, all the while feeling like we are standing still, trying to ascertain alleged right from wrong, going off perceived data transferred through electrical impulses in our brain, what really is going on here? The first question I ask myself every day, or night as the case may be is am I awake or asleep? I ask myself this question because sometimes it is increasingly difficult to tell the difference, as I am an avid lucid dreamer. I have come to the conclusion that many of the impossible to answer questions have their own subtle answers in that little moment of unoccupied space in between the moment of wakefulness and sleep. The void between the worlds has a behind the scenes view of the mechanisation's of waking reality (external focus), and sleep reality (internal focus). I have found by trying to focus on "thee" moment has expanded my awareness of both places exponentially.

Most people I know spend little time contemplating the effects that our personal inner world has on the greater outer world. It is this reciprocal relationship that is the foundation for all that is. The old adage of you must change yourself in order to change the world never has held more weight then now. To the exact degree you focus your intent will you effect the observed outcome. Physics has proven this to within a shadow of a doubt, the shadow being the wild card of course. The innate power of one well tuned human being is staggering as to the possibilities of what this one person can achieve. It is all rather absurdly simple. It always has been and always will be.

Our collective outer world is nothing more than a projection of the shared inner world state of being of roughly 7 billion people. The overall state of emotional well being can thus be deduced from observing the events that shape our world.

With the advent of the Internet, it has never been easier to get a snapshot of this. With the increasing technology of instant communication with any event on the planet, what used to take years to occur now happens in moments. This is the quickening we are all experiencing. This is how we are evolving. It is effecting change in us in ways that are still in their infancy as to how they will manifest in the outer world. Part of this is a spiritual warfare of unprecedented scale. There are always dualistic energy flows at work here. That's all about to change. The experiment is drawing to a close!

When the tetrahedrons are shattered into a million tiny pieces the dualistic energy flows reconcile their differences to form one cohesive flow directly from the source. In other words, all become one, or more true to the point, all realize they are connected in ways never before understood. It is a fundamental change on the basic program level that is reality as we think we know it. It closes down, and is rewritten in a new format that better suits the overall program. The tetrahedron reconstitutes itself into a star tetrahedron and the next level of the program commences.

The tetrahedron, being one of the platonic solids, has a special place in creation as it is one of a handful of geometric solids that fit perfectly in a sphere. It is also a metaphoric representation of sub atomic level gatherings of the bits of matter that make atoms. At this level the structural changes occur at precise intervals indicative of the energetic frequencies applicable to each platonic solid. We just so happen to be alive in this moment of change. Coincidence? I think not. We came here for this little drama, to witness and learn from one of the most grand displays of universal energy since we first began our flight through time and space on mother earth!

Are we there yet? While it becomes next to impossible to nail down when this incredible event will occur, being we have real shitty linear perceptions of time, the most perceptive person I have ever known just dreamed the literal tetrahedron explosion event, accompanied by her faceless, female guide, (another story in and of itself). So I would say soon. As the song goes, It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Actually in what I term true reality, this event and many others just like it have already occurred. It is simply our collective perception that keeps us entwined in reality as we "believe" it exists. Every possibility already exists and is being played out in the multiverse. A tetrahedron explodes each time we realize a new spiritual learning about ourselves. As is obvious to all who care, this place is becoming an asylum for the most devious, psychopathic, soulless, entities to have ever evolved. They want in on the action too. Like I said earlier, the spiritual warfare is at its zenith. Soon all will be reconciled with the appropriate action that always results from the work one preforms. Then we can watch all the scoundrels scurry for the cover of darkness hoping to hide the true nature of their ruinous deeds, while those who kept sacred the inner integrity of self will find comfort. Then we arrive at our destination. I will make sure and help Rosa off of the bus.


  1. The tetrahedron did not explode, it shattered (I dont know if that is an important distinction or not). The pieces of the shattered tetrahedron were suspended in mid air and I've been wondering since the dream about the importance of that as well. What would it mean if they had all fallen?

    Great post as usual. It is important for everyone to look inward and get everything in order there.

    The "end of the world" is not really an ending at all in my understanding. It is a beginning. Sure in the outside reality there will be plenty of "endings" but that is a natural cycle. Growth from death, light from the darkness...

    One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious - Carl Jung

  2. Thank you for that clarification. In symbolic imagery it will or will not matter depending on the person. Obviously, since it was your dream I referenced to, shattering is different from exploding. I used your dream to symbolize a change I feel is occurring. Thank you for your support, love, and constant inspiration.