Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adopting a False Paradigm

As you may or may not know, I try to get to the truth of what is going on. From time to time I like to reflect on an event that I think has been instrumental in shaping our reality as we experience it today. In terms of modern history no other event comes close to 9-11 as an event that has changed our lives here in the U.S.A.

Like most traumatic events, most of us want to just put it behind us and move on. When we can derive a reasonable summation of a traumatic event, we can learn from mistakes and having survived the trauma, reinforce what we know is true and thus a requirement to a continued long, healthy life. Or, we become paralysed and mesmerized by the event. Ask yourself this. What am I afraid of?

The bottom line is bullshit is bullshit. Now I realize that many people are not comfortable with accepting many of the things that I do. Many still believe that there is a difference between the left and right in politics that I now warmly refer to as Republicrats. Some people still cling to certain religious beliefs as there salvation. Others point to science as the all encompassing truth in their life. All of these things have a common denominator. They all rely on supposed experts to convey the theory. Experts are these people who have settled the debate. You can't challenge the experts without being scorned as the masses have learned to obey the experts, or leaders, or the enlightened ones. Look what happens to the inquisitive child in school. Look what happens when you ask a politician too many questions. Look what happens when you question someones assumed authority.

The simple truth is no one knows whats best for you other than you. Don't get me wrong, we all need help from professional people from time to time. There are a great many folks who have dedicated their lives to trying to help people, through amassing and dispensing great helpful knowledge through their dedication to truth and service to others. My point being here, learn to recognise when people are not doing this also. Those are the people who perpetuate the false paradigm.

9-11 is just such an event. The event itself obviously happened. The results of the event are the fruit of the labor. Fruit like, perpetual wars with countries that pose no threat whatsoever to our country. Systemic torture. State sponsored naked body scanning and sexual assault of everyone who refuses, including children! (Coming soon to a public area near you!!) Erosion and outright crippling of our civil rights. All in the name of protecting us from a nonexistent threat. (Hint: 9-11 was a false flag terrorist attack carried out by Mossad, CIA, MI5, and other rogue elements of the U.S. government to propel us into never ending wars with Israel's enemies.) Here is a link to information on one of the main architects of 9-11.

The whole military industrial security complex is built upon this false paradigm. The simple facts are, what enemies we do have are a direct result of attacking other nations to occupy them, for the profits of the complex and to further enslave all to the debt generated from war. It's all about control people! We are living under the illusion we are free, when all around us proof exists to the contrary. Free people are not stripped naked, and forced to put their hands above their heads, in a universal act of submission, all just to travel. Free people can move around unimpeded, without restraint. Remember the saying, show us your papers please, and how that was considered the act of Nazis? Welcome to Amerika!

One universal truth always proves itself over and over. A society based on false paradigms will always and completely, catastrophically fail and collapse into history. Of course the last act of said failed governments is always the same also. Loot the people on the way out. Like trillions in bailouts for the banksters..........but that's another false paradigm story for another time.

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