Thursday, November 4, 2010

Return to Jekyll Island

Remember, remember the 5Th of November. Daunting words reminding us of Guy Fawkes night of the bonfire, and the creation of the Federal Reserve (how appropriate). What began 100 yrs. ago, in secret on Jekyll Island, Georgia, is now openly celebrated with a conference.
Isn't that special?
The people who brought us every single economic hardship of the past 100 yrs. including the great depressions, are celebrating their successful rein of economic terrorism.
Makes me all warm and fuzzy!
If ever there was a cosmic avenger to sweep out of the sky and deliver swift and much needed justice, now would be the time. I'm picturing an asteroid just large enough to punch through the atmosphere on the evening of the 5Th, announcing it's arrival with an ear piercing explosion, just in time to make the conference participants shit their pants before the moment of their demise!
Now that would be a fitting fireworks display on Guy Fawkes night!
But alas, the universe seldom works in such glorious fashion, but I can dream.
I think we will have to be more patient for justice to be served.
Rest assured though, I have it from sources on high we will not have much longer to wait.
Remember, remember the 5Th of November!
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