Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As the Game Grinds On

So many things continue to happen at an ever increasing rate. It is almost impossible to keep up with the level of events that are changing our world. By now everyone is aware of the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Japan. As if that event was not bad enough, the problems with the nuclear power facility rear their ugly heads on top of it all. A possible meltdown of multiple reactors is a terrifying prospect to say the least.

My heart goes out to the Japanese people. I am on overtime with sending well wishes to many, many people who are struggling with many different problems and difficulties. There never seems to be a shortage of suffering in this world. There never seems to be enough healing, positive energy to sooth the hurts. It doesn't stop me from trying though. There seems to be a trend going on lately.

On the big picture there is no doubt with the increase in volcanic and seismic activity, the earth is going through a massive change. It seems massive to us being tiny surface dwelling creatures who get pitched to and fro with every tiny twitch. I guess from the earth's perspective it may not be such a big deal. I do sense our planet is a conscious entity in relation to having awareness of it's own being, but is also able to communicate with it's siblings and parents and ancestors. Being a somewhat older entity the earth probably has some interesting stories to tell. I sense that small fragments of these incredible stories are told to us daily if we choose to listen. It seems we are at a moment where the retelling of the stories will continue to increase in intensity until we listen and learn.

In my view the process of change we are constantly undergoing is the very essence of the true meaning of life. It is simply to grow, expand and broaden our ability to reflect the true nature of reality. In our "civilized" western paradigm of "progress" with our supposed superior views of governance, economy and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, we have unwittingly created a monster of the likes the world has never seen. We unknowingly fertilize the fields of our own demise by supporting a unsustainable way of life, the way of empire, which has never succeeded in the past. Like it or not, we have opened the floodgate of earthly power to reside in the hands of a few who through their own misguided understanding of power are trying to wreck the place. The bottom line is the natural power of the earth will never allow such a thing to happen.

The agenda of the people who think they are in control, is fear. Fear is the exact opposite of love. Fear seeks to control, love permits freedom of expression on all levels. Fear creates the need for armies to fight wars and commit mass murder and genocide. Love is peaceful coexistence with a mutual understanding that freedom for all is the cornerstone of people who grow and expand in their ability to reflect the true nature of reality. We can coexist with each other and nature. Technology combined with an enlightened understanding of the earth's dynamic systems used in conjunction with the philosophy of love will be the end result, be it here or some other existence. In the mean time the lessons will come hot and heavy on how not to behave.

This natural force I speak of can be witnessed in the Japanese people's struggle to deal with their catastrophic dilemma. You can see it in the protests that have taken over many countries around the planet. You see it in the eyes of the people who stand against oppression in all it's different forms. Every time an event calls for people to assist one another you will see some sacrifice themselves to help others and you will see the predators swoop in to take advantage. It's all about choice. If you act out of fear either by reacting to it or causing it we know where you stand. You might as well paint a bulls eye on your back because the type of catalyst you require is of a different nature then those acting out of love. Look around you. Never before have the lines been more clear.

I am not writing this with some fanciful notion that it will change anything or anyone. I have the distinct feeling we are what we are. Predators among the human population will pay no mind to these words. Those of kind hearts and empathetic feelings will understand. The exact same people who waist their time dreaming, envisioning, and pursuing the internal changes to try to be what they envision instead of trying to change everyone else, understand. It is to you I write this message. Take heart and know you are noticed, appreciated, and loved. There is a way out of this mess. I don't know how I know, I just do. Just be yourself. We need you more than ever. Thank you!

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