Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Death Becomes Us

This is a very difficult video to watch. In light of the recent revelations that reactor #1 at Fukushima melted down 3 1/2 hours after the earthquake and the IAEA and the governments of Japan and the U.S. knew about it and intentionally covered it up, until 2 months later, how many babies will be born in Japan with these horrible birth defects?

Look it's not about natural disasters taking many lives as that is tragic enough all on it's own. It's about governments whose soul purpose is to protect and serve those from whom the derive their power to govern. This is the most blatant and obvious example that governments are not at all concerned with protecting their people but only keeping their power of governing at all costs, including damning future lives to suffer horrors that should really be only reserved for them. Many lives could have been saved and spared had they been honest up front. The corporate media in the U.S. downplayed the event and being that NBC is owned by General Electric (makers of the Fukushima failed reactors) it would be way more cost effective to lie rather than compromise future reactor sales. How much more in our faces does it have to get before we realize the world wide system of governance is not beneficial for anyone except those governing.

Now maybe it's just me and little babies being born all fucked up because of radiation is no big deal. The same exact shit is happening everywhere throughout the world the war on terror is being fought using depleted uranium projectiles. The legacy being left behind will last generations, but hey, no big deal. Just another expendable resource in the eyes of the controllers. Well listen to this as you try to turn away you may think all is well in your neck of the woods and that these things will never show up on your doorstep but I say think again. In our silence we comply with these atrocities being visited upon our fellow human beings. If you are not heart stricken by the plight of these irradiated children because it doesn't effect you, where do you think the radiation is falling from the clouds this very moment? How many times have you gone through the scanners at the airports and soon to be bus stations, train stations, shopping malls, sporting events and concerts? Think.

The fact of the matter is silence is compliance. Compliance brings responsibilities all to few of us are capable of handling. But alas, not to fear. There is a built in mechanism to cope with this vast imbalance. It's called karma. Vastly misunderstood, seldom considered, often joked about, this force is always at work maintaining justice and the preservation of truth and love in ways only a small minority can understand and appreciate. I would suggest getting right with the wrongs quick fast and in a hurry. One of the delivery mechanisms for dispensing karmic balance is good old mother nature. Hmm, looks to me like we are being awakened on a daily basis.

If you have made it this far into this piece chances are you understand the importance of truth.
Truth coupled with love is all that really matters. My bit role here is to observe and report. Sometimes I am overwhelmed. I will not offer my silent compliance to things being done in my name, by my government. My government lies, steals, and murders all in the name of maintaining their perceived control of the governed. They will experience and all who support them, an awakening of epic proportions to the sheer power and justice of truth and love, the likes of which have never been witnessed. We are the witnesses. We are the reporters. Those who have the courage to speak power to truth despite all the pressure to suppress it are making a difference. Please join me in passing this message to others.

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