Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well now that we have finished our move I should be able to dedicate a little more time to this blog. Things continue to move in the direction of "The Grand Unveiling" in the sense that it appears we need an "Event" of significant magnitude to awaken the masses.

Being a 3rd shift factory worker, I have plenty of time to contemplate the above mentioned. Being awake while everyone else sleeps offers advantages that few seldom discover. The Ether is clear of a lot of waking time static when most are sleeping. A connection to the creative energy is easier to establish as many artists and musicians can tell you. Many loose ends get tied together during these moments.

One thing becomes very clear in 2011. Nuclear energy has come to the fore front of many people's minds. Lessons like history have a way of repeating themselves with ever increasing severity until they are learned and acted upon. Fukushima is barely a blip on most people's screen, yet it's legacy will forever change mankind. Now we have Los Alamos national laboratory burning from a wild fire. Plutonium waste stored in 55 gallon drums under tents, numbering in the tens of thousands, if ignited could make Fukushima pale in comparison. Let's not forget the flooded nuclear reactors in Nebraska. All the while officials, just like with Fukushima try to reassure us there is no immediate danger from these "Events".

On the political stage "Austerity" is the word for 2011 thus far. Austerity is only austerity when people freely choose to make due with less, not because a government, directed by a private banking system, tells them to do so. That is called forced impoverishment. Ask the poor. They can tell you the difference. So far Iceland has handled the situation properly. They understand that as a people, they are not responsible for their governments reckless investments in the mortgage backed securities fraud. The IMF, a private central bank like the Federal Reserve, is not at all welcome there. Either are the politicians that support them. As a people they know how the IMF cripples nations with debt. Too bad us Americans are too dim to see this light. The Greeks know. The Egyptians know. If Greece goes down to austeric central bankers, making concessions on the masses so the few can have more, guess who will be next? I'll give you a hint: We think we are united.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the key word is WAR!
As 44 million Americans celebrate their independence with food stamps, the crazed U.S. government leads the NATO charge to bombard Libya back to the stone age, and quietly expand their drone war into Somalia. That makes six countries now! When are we going to call this bullshit what it really is? World War 3! And guess what kiddies? We Americans are on the wrong side of history. We are the Hitlers, along with Israel, of the 21st century! Tell that one at your 4Th of July party. Chances are you will be met with blank stares and told if you don't like it leave! Imagine that, if you don't like attacking other countries, torturing people, forcing people into debt, allowing filthy perverts to grope your wife and kids, (unless your Catholic, then it's ok in order to go to heaven!), your un-American. I have one thing to say to the knuckle dragging masses of idiotic, patriotic, republicratic morons of the fractured states of anemia, WAKE THE FUCK UP! But they probably wont, barring some catastrophic "Event".

I have read that only 6 percent of the population actually became directly involved in the war for Independence. That war, fought against the British to rid our new country of the British private central bank, needs to be fought again. As many of you know, in 1913 a corrupt congress passed the Federal Reserve act on Christmas Eve. when most had already left for the holidays. Then an equally corrupt president signed the bill into law. The rest as they say is history! Since then we have dealt with depressions, recessions, and an overall looting of the American people that rivals even the very worst dictatorships of the past and present. The brainwashing has gone so far as to turn people against themselves, blaming each other instead of the true culprit! "If we only work harder" is the cry of my parent's generation, who, working themselves to literal death cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. Understand it is a corrupt system that enslaves. Usury was warned against by Christians and Muslims alike. Guess who practices it? Muslims outlawed it. Christians allowed it. Is it any wonder who the terrorists are? Who are the real terrorists?
Hint: Who runs the Federal Reserve?
Another hint: Who really attacked the U.S. on 9-11?
Final hint: Who has made usury the common economic practice, enslaving countless people's and nations into crippling poverty and providing an endless supply of cheap labor?

The "Event" is coming.
The shape and form are insignificant.
The result is what matters..........more as it unfolds.