Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ron Paul

There was a confederate general by the name of Albert Pike. He was also a 33rd degree mason. One extraordinary thing he said was about three upcoming world wars. The third world war he stated was to be fought by the Christians and the Muslims. Fast forward to 9-11. A group of Israeli men are caught filming the World Trade Center towers during the attack on 9-11. They are clearly dancing and celebrating the attacks. Police reported that the dancing Israelis assured them they were not the enemies. They told police that the U.S. and Israel shared the same enemy. That enemy was the Palestinians.

You watch the video above. Ron Paul has been around a long time. I have watched him, how he votes, what he says. I agree with him on 99 percent of what he says. It's the one percent that bothers me though. Even though he wants to audit the Federal Reserve, get out of foreign entanglements, he still is a supporter of Zionism in my opinion. That bothers me. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Ron Paul has been allowed to hang around and oppose things for a long time. He also does not pass the simple 9-11 litmus test. Therefore He is considered a fail in my book.

We are at the point in history where half truths will avail us nothing. Ask Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News Network about half truths. This is the historical age of the shift to a new age. Anything goes including all intentionally deceitful agendas will be exposed for all those who wish to see, the Grand Unveiling, that is the hallmark of an apocalypse. Watch closely cause things are really starting to rock and roll! Even though I suspect Ron Paul to be a gatekeeper of sorts, he still has the potential to bring down the old political system. Old control systems, while they appear to be under complete control of the masses, are in actuality crumbling at their foundations. Once the under infrastructure is weakened they will collapse as quick as the World Trade Center towers and building 7 did on 9-11. Then and only then will the opportunity arise to replace the failing structure with one built on a firm foundation of peace, love, and respect of all living beings. I see this place. I have been there before, if only in my dreams, but I have been there none the less!

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