Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fuck Cnn

This simpleton needs an enema because he is full of shit! CNN is a joke. The U.S. government has gone whacko bananas.

You bought the T.V. from Best Buy. You watch the T.V. Now you must pay for it. Is this clown really comparing the National Debt Ceiling to buying a fucking T.V.? What the fuck? Fine lets play along.

Let's assume we all bought the T.V. Lets assume we agreed to buy it together. Why then can't you or I ever watch the god damned thing? We go sit down, get our drinks and snacks ready, when all of a sudden hear comes the Goldman Sachs gang, barging in with the Federal Reserve ass wipes, sitting right in front of the fucker! I don't know how many times I have had to ask Ben Bernanke to move his big fucking head out of the way so I could see the program. That little weasel Timmy Geithner won't ever shut the fuck up so I can hear the show. So you tell me why I should pay for that god damned T.V.?

First and foremost here is the U.S. does not have to borrow one red cent ever! The president can sign into law an act for congress to issue currency, and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Thus the borrowing problem has just been solved. The simple truth is whenever currency is issued with interest it is debt based. It is also an old Jewish form of banking called Usury. Christens and Muslims alike banned it's practice long ago. The Templars were nearly wiped out as a result of practicing usury. Kennedy enacted presidential signing order 111110. It was an issuance of silver certificates in order to bring back a commodity backed currency instead of a debt based currency. You have seen the results for doing that.

There is such a thing in international law known as odious debt. Wikipedia or zio-speak states it is theory. It is not. The people of a country are not liable for debt incurred that does not directly benefit them as a people, or in other words debt that only benefits the government or their buddies is not our problem! Ask the people of Iceland.

This stupid CNN attempt to make you feel guilty and be willing to pay for their looting of the world's resources is absolutely stark, raving mad! Insanity at it's finest. Nobody asked me if I accepted giving the too big to fail, Wall St. banks, trillions of dollars so they could buy back all the fraudulent mortgage backed securities to keep their sorry asses out of jail. I did not agree to attacking countries in the alleged War on Terror when if we wanted to bring the true culprits to justice we would have attacked Israel and thrown our own government in jail for complicity. I did not give my blessing to the government raiding social security in an attempt to balance their general budget. I did not consent to the billions of dollars spent on creating the police state that is the fractured states of anemia, so we can all be safe from the Muslim boogie man terrorist!

If you take a careful look around Tel Aviv and you will notice brand new, state of the art, Jew only, highways built by the money CNN says you must pay back. Think about that. You have to foot the bill for giving Israel 3.5 billion a year, while social security takes a dump on the most fragile portion of our population, the elderly and the handicapped. Maybe we should just bow to the Eugenic bastards and kill all the weak and old and infirmed. Well I don't think so. If there's going to be any killing may it start with their sorry asses! You ever notice those shouting loudest about overcrowding on the planet, never want to be first to volunteer to remedy the supposed problem by killing themselves. They always want to kill someone else, as if their pompous asses are immune from this proposition.

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