Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul

The best way to wake up the sleeping masses is to show how the game is being rigged. Fox news is just a Zionist advertisement agency. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian born Zionist Jew, does nothing more than tote the corporate media's line. He protects the interests of the Federal Reserve, and the military industrial complex. Fox news is terrified of Ron Paul!

Fox news has brainwashed more people than any other corporate news agency! Fox news is proof of Fascism, and how it has taken over our lives. Corporate forced wars without end combined with economic terrorism, all advertised nightly by the talking fuck heads at Fox News!

Wake up to the truth. Obama is the evil twin in the equation. The Republicrats will stop at nothing to remain in power, forcing the Federal Reserve and endless war to completely destroy our country. Zionism is protected equally by conservatives and liberals alike. We are being played like a fiddle. We must destroy the Federal Reserve, the false left/right paradigm, and the foriegn nation (Israel) running our country for thier own good not our's!

Ron Paul may very well be the only chance we have to restore constitutional rule to our country. Don't fall for Fox News bullshit!
Don't fall for CNN News bullshit!
Educate your selves on the two most important issues that effect all our lives the most.
It's the economy stupid!
It's the illegal wars of occupation!!

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