Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Today's blood bath at the Dow could not be stopped, even with the help of the Plunge Protection Team. The empire is running out of resources to manipulate markets. Europe is in panic mode. Everyone will be forced to cut loose all of the things that are causing the economic death spiral.

Globalization, touted as the modern miracle of the 21st century has turned out to be a viral infection, exported from Wall St., forced upon the rest of the world and transmitted through the fraudulent, mortgage backed security investments. The bottom line is rampant greed and corruption are coming home to roost, in your backyard. The scramble is on for the last open chair, in the moment before the music stops, and everyone knows, the music may never start again.

Ah but how I love the smell of collapsing paradigms in the morning. The true tragedy will come from those who remain stuck in thinking that the way things are right now, is how it is supposed to be and will always be. The shock and trauma that will result from hanging on to outdated methods will cause way more damage then the simple change itself. This collective demise of Western civilization and all it's rapacious practices will be the wake up call of the millennium!

The answer is simple. Dump the Federal Reserve usury banking system! Wipe the federal slate clean and get rid of the traitors and thieves and mass murders of the federal government. Reinstall a constitutional
issued currency to be spent into society by congress at no interest charged for it's creation. Return to a value based currency rather than a debt based currency! Outlaw all acts of war and aggression against other countries. If we the people demand these things now, we will save ourselves much pain and suffering. If we do not we will suffer the natural consequences of decades of misery we have inflicted upon others for all of the crimes we have allowed and participated in.

The writing is on the wall. Let the games begin!

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