Wednesday, August 3, 2011

War or Social Security?

The term entitlements is a subtle ploy to make you think it's ok for the government to default on their contract with the American people. The fact of the matter is everyone who have worked throughout their lives have had a portion of their checks put into social security. It is the governments responsibility to be the custodians of this program for us all. The problem is for some fucking reason the custodians suddenly think they are lords and masters of the universe.

They will not default on their payments to the unconstitutional federal reserve banksters. They will not stop trying to push Empire USA/Israel on the rest of the world. They will fuck us out of what we have coming to us because they think we will just roll over and take it like the good little bitches we are.

The history of our country has proven two other times besides now that when we have a central bank run by the usury clowns, our country is brought to the edge of ruin. The same exact thing is happening right now in this country. Through government corporate welfare programs such as tax incentives to off shore manufacturing jobs, these slimy bastards are intentionally destroying the wealth and prosperity and most importantly our rights to live free and independent lives.
Ask yourself how free you feel the next time you fly.

We have just been savaged once again by the corrupt assholes in Washington who think it's better to bow to their corporate masters than to carry out the will of the people. Well I have something to say to you Washington, FUCK YOU! Fuck you and all your filthy little degenerate international banking fuckheads who sit smirking smugly while destroying the middle class and poor people of the country, just so they can maintain their extravagant lifestyles and pompous self inflated ideas of how important they are. I would gladly meet one on one any of these jerks to discuss some of the finer points of life, worth, and importance.

I think the solution is simple. We need to clean house on Washington, jail all the assholes that had a hand in the fraudulent mortgage backed security swindle, dismantle the federal reserve, stop ALL wars in the bullshit war on terror, stop the asinine war on drugs, restore constitutional law to all governing bodies and bring back by the people, for the people, Republic that so many people used to want to live in, not that long ago.

If we sit back and continue to do absolutely nothing to put an end to the atrocities, we will all experience a hell we never imagined existed. And I might add, rightly so, for silence is complicity, and the evils being done to massive amounts of people, through our government in our name is exponentially growing by the moment. They don't hate us for our freedoms. The hate us for killing their children, and waging economic terrorism on a scale never before known to mankind. If we the American people don't wake up soon and take back control of our government, and force this country to own up to all the shit it causes, other forces will be compelled to intervene. Trust me, none of us want that!

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