Friday, October 28, 2011

In The Land of The Undead

The corporate media is working overtime trying to convince us that Occupy is anything but a legitimate expression of just how sick and tired people have become with all the bullshit that is the banksters and their flunky government that supports their pillaging of the entire world.

The Occupy movement has tried to teach the slobbering, vacant masses, wandering the intellectual wasteland of the undead, just how badly we have all been fucked, and we don't seem to possess the capacity to listen. It's actually quite embarrassing. For you see I live in the land of the undead dumb asses here in the U.S.S.A! Right smack in the middle of it all, in Wisconsin.

There is something you really need to understand about Wisconsin. It is home to more serial killers and alcoholics than just about any other place on the planet. Oh yeah and the birth place of the Grand Old Party. Gee doesn't that put the warm fuzzies all up in places they don't belong?

Not that it really fucking matters. I have come to the conclusion that most people being completely clueless to the exact nature of their reality is actually a very good thing. The predominant energy source needs the clear conduit to flow through to provide the maximum bang for it's buck. Unfortunately energy comes in two main varieties so we have to take the good with the bad.( The bad being the governments of the world, the good being the global revolution that started in Iceland in 2009, and is culminating in the Occupy Movement.)

On this occasion I am impressed with Occupy remaining a leaderless movement. That is the key to it's success. By remaining leaderless when some other group tries to co-opt it for their own purposes they will be grabbing at air! The other obvious benefit is it demands people take part in a hands on way which is the first step back to a government by the people, for the people. We, as citizens dropped the fucking ball on that one, and we are now seeing who is carrying the ball now! (Cue the fucking goons in black to come in and destroy everyone, including a marine veteran!)

I really don't envy the police today. Yeah, some of them are just roid rage assholes looking to crack skulls, but some are sensible people with families, looking to provide a future for their kids. I would strongly suggest a career change to the sensible officers. When that energy shoots out of the conduit I wouldn't want to be the first person it hits. Let it be the big bad ass cop who shot the marine in the head in Oakland! (Then the asshole lobs a flash grenade at the people trying to help the marine. What an asshole!) This energy moves in mysterious ways.

Here is the simple truth of the Occupy movement. We have been enslaved by the fictitious debt created by the usury banking system which is known here as the Federal Reserve, which in turn is a mere spoke in the wheel of the world wide central bank run by the Rothschild's. This economic time bomb is a result of a group of fascists known as Zionists manipulating their way into power by taking over just about every social aspect of the Western world. Thus we see empire building and what the military call full spectrum dominance of all opposing countries or groups of people, especially those opposed to the central banking system of world domination.

As refreshing as the Occupy movement is the down side is through the use of heavy handed tactics, the government will eventually be successful at demonising the movement in order to justify full spectrum dominance on everyone, for their own good of course. Meanwhile the elite eight or the super congress as they like to call themselves are busy cutting all the real things we pay taxes for in order to keep funding endless war, endless Wall st. bailouts and endless money for Israel.

We have a choice, we can either wander the land of the undead, providing a nice clear conduit for the balancing energy to do her thing, or we can ride in with her and help clean up this disgusting mess we have helped create. Either way we will support the change that must take place!

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