Friday, November 4, 2011

Chicken Hawk Say What?

Well it must be that time of year. With occupy Oakland sporting 100,000 + people in the streets, over 650,000 bank customers closing their accounts and switching to credit unions last month ahead of tomorrow's leave your bank campaign (Remember Remember the 5Th of November), Bank of America back tracking on their 5 dollar a month debit card fee, and of course Greece continuing to flip off the International Bankster Cartel (IMF), what do you think the governments of Owned by Israel (USA, U.K.) will do next? Of course! Squawk like the fucking chicken hawks they are and try to get us to support attacking Iran (not pronounced Eye Ran)!

The amount of bull excrement being thrown about on the corporate news network is astounding. Even more astounding are the fucking morons believing Iran is a threat to anyone. (Israel won that dubious distinction in a recent vote of European Union countries) In fact the only country more aggressive in the past 30yrs. is the United States. Imagine that, it always looks good from this side doesn't it? (Cut to the crowd of beer swilling morons chanting USA USA USA). I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

This house of cards that is the U.S. government is falling faster than two towers brought down from within by explosive experts from Israel. Meanwhile a man of shall we say "Jewish Persuasion" just happened to purchase the twin towers months before and over insured them against an act of "Terrorism". Wow how lucky can you get? I just threw up again!

So now ten years later and three years after the biggest criminal heist in the history of mankind was pulled off in September of 2008, (remember congress saying marshal law will be in affect if we don't bail out the banks?) we are facing another epic bottomless black pit. The entire world economy hangs by a thread thanks to globalization and usury, nature seems to be saying enough is enough, WW3 looms just over the horizon and the fucking chicken hawks spew their usual chicken shit in hopes we have already forgot the last lies that were used to take us to war!

World War is always the answer when the zionist usury gang run their scam on us. Shhh, but never say anything above a whisper or your an anti-semetic. (No, I refuse to capitalize zionist or semetic, because the zionists are not worthy of that distinction for being such dicks for the past 3,000 yrs. and 99 % who say they are semetic are not even semetic so if I talk shit about someone who is not semetic how the fuck can I be anti- semetic?) I maybe am being petty here but this is my dark corner of cyberspace and I will do what I want! No capital z for those Assholes! (I will give them a capital A). So stick that up your Abe Foxman!

This time let's make it different. If anyone so much as tweaks one hair on one Iranian head we go completely Occupy on their pathetic asses. I think it's time to shut this sorry excuse for a government down now, that would mean in Tel Aviv, to stop the U.S. military from continuing it's disgusting conquest of the planet for the international usury banksters. The next time you hear a chicken hawk say what, you punch them in the mouth and charge them interest! Interest that is past due for all the pain and suffering caused by the actions of these so called "chosen ones"!

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