Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newt Bows to His Jewish Masters

Ah yes our good friend Brother Nathaniel.
Dude looks a little crazy but he tells it the way it is!
As Michael Riverio always says we need leaders who will put America, !st, 2nd and 3rd.
Newt is not that person. Anyone who thinks he is is stark raving mad!
Newt will spend his days in the White House servicing Israel.
That of course means attacking Iran (not pronounced EYE RAN!)
The other order of business will be to protect the Federal Reserve usury fraud!
In other words status quo rape and pillage of the American people.
Wake up. The system is fucked. We are all fucked if we don't let this corrupt system die.
We can give it a proper burial, then move on to a new system. I vote for a Meritocracy, where prestige and respect are earned by how much you give back to society, not how much you steal!
Oh and Zionists need not apply!


  1. Zionists, not Jews are the problem! We gotta keep that clear.
    A Mosshammer

  2. Don't blame all the Jews on what the Zionists are doing!

  3. Anon, while I certainly understand how the Zionists divided the Jews many years ago, there are still many Jews who profit and gain from Zio actions while not complaining about it one bit. There are those Jews too who speak up about the Zionists also. As in any group of people some are good and some are bad. Identity lies in the deed, not the controlled perception of it!