Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Wall St. The Revolution is Love

No matter what the talking heads on your T.V. tell you, the message of Occupy is simple. Life as we are currently living is void of many things, but so it goes in a time of darkness. I can see a day when the dark days end and a new age begins. However not without certain challenges.

The challenges we face, come in the forms of wide scale thievery, mass murder, and a general lock down on our freedoms. All governments exist to control people. All organized religions exist to control people. All social paradigms exist to control people. Free your mind of the constructs that control you. You will find you will be left with actions stemming from love or fear. This is the personal challenge of life we all face. We can help each other or we can suffer alone. Either way this time we are living is truly the beginning of a new age. It is both exciting and frightening all at the same time. Try not to buy in to all the fear porn that comes with the new age. It only dampens the spirit and squelches the soul, but you already know that.

You can always judge an idea who's time has come by the amount of opposition it renders. The Occupy movement has been more maligned, exploited, and tyrannized then any other in recent times. As is evidenced in the hearts of the young people who attend the gatherings, something real and refreshing springs forth, and it scares the shit out of our controllers. I am all for that! In becomes vitally necessary to do that every so often. Violence is not needed as that is always the sure sign of the oppressors. A peaceful expression of unmovable love is all that is needed. I am very hopeful for the future today. Not because of the actions of the world leaders or the international banking cartel. I am hopeful and thankful for the actions of the people of Iceland, Egypt, Palestine, and all the other legitimate uprisings all over the globe, including the Occupy movement. These things may be opposed or controlled at times, but the inner essence and intent can never be vanquished. It will only grow!

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