Saturday, December 5, 2009

Down in a Hole

I have spent the better part of 25 yrs. searching for truth, both inside and outside. I have hung out with American Natives learning their spiritual ways, I have spent countless hours in reading and contemplation. The culmination of my search leading me to my present state of being. I have not achieved total enlightenment, and I probably never will, in this lifetime. I have learned that as disturbing as the truth may be at the time, it always leads me to a place of peace and well being, eventually. To my fellow seekers out there I wish you many hours of astonishment and confusion, for as any seasoned truth seeker knows, the dismantling of deception requires a death of sorts to belief systems that no longer hold up under scrutiny. My personal life has been comprised of turmoil and upheaval for many years. It has only been in the last year and a half that my life has calmed. I suppose as a direct result of letting go of certain naive belief systems that I held on to way longer than their true usefulness would deem necessary. I am a slow learner. Once I do finally get it, I embrace it, until the next bout of upheaval roots out the unnecessary beliefs. It is a process likened to peeling in onion. There are always layers of truth and deception to be dealt with.

Down in a hole represents my findings as a result of this constant, ongoing process. I am always changing. I am always honored when someone points out any misconception or distortion in my findings. I certainly never claim to know it all. I always welcome criticism, and it doesn't have to be limited to constructive, as destructive is equally as important. I do not have much of a need for self satisfaction as I suffer from no delusions of grandeur. I am as regular a guy as they come.
I have learned the importance of accepting new and different realities on a regular basis. This often accompanies the likes of admittance to being wrong or misguided on many occasions, to numerous to list! I am not paid or solicited by any outside force or agency. I do not try to engage in fear mongering, even though my findings may be unsettling. I have no political, religious affiliations, though at times do agree with certain works of certain individuals. Ah but the joys of keeping the ego in proper prospective! So as you read my perspective it is always issued with a reminder. These are my opinions, often supported with years of searching, but all the same they are mine. I do not wish that anyone would BELIEVE what I am stating here without doing some of their own research. Hence the name "Down in a Hole". My only intent is to show you some holes in some of the belief systems that you may wish to go down into and investigate for yourself. One thing I can assure you. Nothing is entirely as it seems to be. The most solid, firmly grounded constructs of society, are beginning to crack and break down from the immense stress and strain from the newly emerging energy that is human consciousness. These are the most terrifying times and these are the most exciting times! May we all find and maintain balance and peace of mind and heart as we continue are adventure as time/space traveling entities. Many fantastic truths lie waiting to be accepted. Hang on cause the ride is about to get good, or bad, depending of course on your perspective. I have come to believe we are here to experience a galactic- evolutionary moment of epic proportions! When will it happen? Now! And every moment that happened before, and everyone that occurs in the future! Happy hole searching.
Oh, by the way, the red pill is the only way to go in life!

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