Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Global Warming Cult, Swine Flu, Economic Meltdown

Remember the ominous warnings of the killer African bees? Or how about Y2K ?( I must admit, I did make sure I had wood for the fireplace that winter!) Well the Global Warming Cult is no different. You see, the whole premise of global warming is of course, man, was scientifically proven to be responsible for the global increase in temperature through carbon emissions. Climategate shattered these illusions. Even though the true agenda is worldwide taxation via a licence to pollute, the underlying driving force behind that is global governance. The one tell tale sign is FEAR! Be afraid of all the catastrophes that you are causing with your destructive lifestyle! St. Albert the Gore is so sure of this he has sold his mansion in Tennessee, stopped flying on jets, and fired his limo driver! Yea RIGHT! The real agenda behind the global warming cult? Control through the passage of the Copenhagen treaty. Worldwide governance by carbon taxation and further control over societies.

Remember the ominous warnings of swine flu in 1976? The government said everyone should get vaccinated to avoid the disease. Many people became very sick from those vaccines. The government spent millions in law suites for that debacle. Then, beyond all reason they try it again! Fear of course being the driver! The really sad part is, many frightened people got the vaccine again, and low and behold, reports start coming in about people getting very sick and some even dying. Meanwhile does the risk of a flu with a mortality rate way less then seasonal flu warrant a proclamation of mass vaccination and a declaration of a national health emergency by Obama? Who is behind all of this insanity? The World Wide Health organization or W.H.O. is. Besides enriching the pharmaceutical industry for their campaign contributions, the other hidden agenda is the world wide control of WHO, the health department arm of global government, over the health (death) policies of all nations. In case you have not been keeping track on your official Illuminati score card, this would be the primary organization for population control and implementation of the eugenics program the Elite are so fond of. (I so want to grow up and be like them, Inbreeding and ritual abuse and worshiping the likes of Lucifer and Satan! NOT!)

Remember the ominous warning from the Federal Reserve in September of 2008? Give us your money or the economy will melt down and marshal law will be ordered. Once again fear is used to force the issue! Well the Federal Reserve is an arm of the Rothschild banking cartel that is centered in London England. The world banking system which our federal reserve is a part of, is made up of the richest international bankers headed by the Rothschild family. The Rockefeller are the Rothschild arm in America. These people have funded both sides of every major war since Napoleon. They are also the perpetrators of every recession and depression that has ever occurred. All Federal taxes collected from us fund this international baking cartel. All debt owed by the federal government to the federal reserve is illegal and unconstitutional! What is the agenda behind control of the economies of the world? I think you get the picture.

All three of these main control mechanisms have one main thing in common. I can not stress this enough. They are all driven by fear. Fear is always the method for promoting deception. It is the constant state of fear that provides the person the inability to think properly. Main stream news media knows this all to well. Fear keeps you locked in the fight or flight mode. Is it any wonder why violence is so prevalent and we have this constant need to flee and run away from reality however we possibly can. There are many other ways the elite effect us. That will be for another post. If we recognize and take a proactive stand to no longer permit these intrusions into our lives, you would be amazed at the results. It is happening now. The more we see it, the more we talk about it, the easier it is for others to break free from it also. The tide has turned on many of these fronts. They will try their very best to enact these plans. They will succeed in some aspects and fail in others. We will never give up in striving for a world free from oppression and fear and control. It is what we do!

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