Monday, January 4, 2010

Renewing Hope (and Change)

In 2009 we saw hope and change disintegrate into much more of the same. We were promised our kids were going to come home from war, only to watch the wars expand. We were assured that things were going to be different. I am glad things did not turn out as different as were planed.

One plan was to reward big pharma with windfall profits from vaccines. They all got their money, but the when pigs fly flu never materialized. Now many countries are having fire sales on unused vaccines. That was one plan I am very happy to see did not go as scheduled. Try as they might, pandemic 09 has been milder than the normal flu. Proof to me that when you try to push nature too far, nature will spring back and balance the situation. Swine Flu Pandemic? FAIL!

Then we were promised Hellth care reform. All over the country people turned out to tell their government representatives to shove that crap you know where. Bruised and battered the senate managed to pass a version of Hellth care reform just before Christmas. Thanksgiving was supposed to be Obama's Hellth care reform celebration moment. It didn't quite work out that way. We also found out back room deals were cut with insurance companies, and it is now very obvious who the winners and losers will be if this garbage becomes law. As it is written right now, you will be forced to buy Hellth insurance whether you can afford it or not. We will see how long grandma will last on this reformed HELLth care! True health care reform? FAIL!

Of course no walk down memory lane would be complete without the "We are all gonna die unless we tax the shit out of carbon dioxide and form a world government to police everyone" treaty which was hoped to be implemented at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. With perfect timing an inside whistle blower released some inconvenient truth just in time! Climategate shattered any hope of the carbon Nazis from overtaking us for the moment. Even more inconvenient is the fact that we are experiencing one of the coldest winters in recent history! Where's St. Al of the Gore? Hiding as he can't even show his face without a security detail to protect him from peoples inconvenient questions like, "Why is it so cold if the planet is warming so much?" Global warming? FAIL!

As is always the background story of our current times, the economy is said to be recovering quite nicely! Oh, someone needs to explain to me how that jobless recovery works. Of course the giant ponzi scheme that is the world economy is pushed to the brink as the international world banksters reset the game for one last looting. All the official numbers are cooked to make things look better than they really are. I wouldn't be surprised to see the DOW plummet to 4000 in 2010. There are a lot of warnings of tough times ahead as the Federal Reserve run the printing presses 24/7. One thing is for sure. Once hyperinflation starts really kicking in we are all going to know it! But not to worry, your wonderful government has found a way for the too big to fail banks to still make huge profits! It's called TARP! Where you learn how to socialize the losses and privatize the profits. Economic recovery? FAIL!

Other than the last fail, the others are to our benefit, for the moment anyways. However, the very end of 2009 saw a resurgence of our old friend Al Qaeda! (Why hasn't Osama shown his face? Oh, that's right, he's been dead since 2003! SHHHHH, it's a secret!) This one bothers me a little bit. Even though the U.S. has been fighting covertly in Yemen for a year, they decided it was time to come out in the open with it. So, two weeks before the crotch bomber attempts to blow up a plane, joint strikes are carried out in Yemen with the Saudi air force. WOW, it amazes me how just when our government needs an excuse to attack someone these darn terrorists show up out of nowhere, are escorted past security (without a passport), put on a targeted plane and in this last case, set their nuts on fire. So, when the government wanted us to take our shoes off for authority, a very submissive act, we got the shoe bomber. Now they want to get into our underwear! I'm glad I don't fly as I would not relish the idea of the rubber gloved gropers going through my shit! To each their own. Then of course the plan is to install, for your security, full body naked scan machines! YEAH! I would feel so safe knowing the government pedophiles are looking at naked children all day! Meanwhile, the next time they need a justification for expanding the war on terror, they just march their dumb ass patsy past security, and put him on the plane to light his junk on fire again!

This all is fine and dandy except for one little nagging detail. When all else fails, and many of their plans are, they get backed into a corner and then become dangerous. You know they are getting nervous. Even though I am very happy to see their sinister plans fail, it also makes me nervous. When you consider what they are capable of it is very sobering. When you consider all of the blood on the hands of the controllers you know they have absolutely no sense of value of any one's life other then their own. That disturbs me. How many innocent people have to die? How many countries do we have to invade before we are considered at war with the world? How much longer do we have to endure a foreign policy that creates more true terrorism, because we are stealing the worlds remaining resources, through occupation and genocide? Are not we the worlds largest terrorist group with our military bases all over the world? One can only hope that true patriots will step up at the crucial moment and stop a would be "terrorist attack", instead of just following government orders. That would indeed be a change to hope for!

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