Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Happened in Copenhagen?

You all know how much attention I have been paying to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. The views of this event are all over the map. Climate Change supporters, St. Al the Gore, Maurice Strong, and the likes are very unhappy. Their worldwide carbon credit market will not be mandated to the degree they would like (good for us). However the infrastructure of global government has taken a little more of a concrete vision (bad for us). I found it ironic that snow greeted the summit in it's final days!

I keep bringing this up because I think a very telling event occurred. The global warming propaganda machine failed to achieve it's total goal, and that's huge! People all over are starting to wake up to the idea that not everything you see on television is factual or even correct. Once the unraveling begins, it is very hard to stop it. Questions, especially the unanswered ones, only lead to more questions. When St. Al brazenly started declaring that the science of global warming is settled, it immediately brought about much closer scrutiny of the science. Now He can not go anywhere in the U.S. without a security detail to protect him. But protect him from what? Protect him from answering some very simple questions that he refuses to answer. He can not answer them because he would reveal what a huge fraud global warming really is. Then you have the blind cult like supporters, claiming that it doesn't matter if the science is fraudulent, that the planet is still in mortal danger! What do the talking heads have to say about this?

All around the world we are witnessing different global agendas suffering setback after setback. Obama was to be the one. The one to deliver global government to the controllers. The will of the people was to be worn down with swine flu, global taxation, and economic devastation. Detours have sprung up in all of these plans. However, even though these setbacks have bought us more valuable time, these people are very cunning in their back up plans. They always have a plan "B".
The thing to realize is the global elite are vulnerable right now. The federal reserve banking system of the U.S. is an arm of the global banking cartel with it's center being the Bank of England. They have exposed themselves to ruination through there greed and unlimited desire to devour all by economic control. They were counting on the Global Cap and Trade system to extract the wealth and resources of all the countries of the world. It is a crucial blow to their power structure to not have been completely successful in this endeavour. It is unfortunate that even though this weakens their position, it also could make them more dangerous, like an animal cornered with no way out.

The coming months will be crucial to the direction the people of the world will take. The opportunity exists to drive the stake into the heart of the global elite. This can be done by dismantling the Federal Reserve, and the Global Banking system run by the Bank of England. Some very careful planning could accomplish this feat. It would take a new system, run by China, India, Russia, and the U.S. An agreement among sovereign nations to bypass the known corrupt, globalized, banking system that has been devouring societies for decades. There are many obstacles to this. It is not impossible. The more people who realize the true nature of the struggle, the better the chances for it to succeed. We all must learn to identify the real enemy of the people. It is the corporate, globalized bank system, and all the puppet governments that support it. That would mean 99 % of our entire government would have to go! A massive clean up of the entire system, to revert back to the only system that has a chance to work. A true constitutional republic.

Imagine if you will the first thing to go would be the unconstitutional, federal income tax. How much improvement would you see in you personal life? Of course the indoctrinated masses would cry, "How do we pay for services our government provides?" Research into the matter quickly proves that the federal income tax goes directly into the pockets of the global bankers, by the interest they charge our country, to supply the money. Our own congress is the ONLY constitutional entity to provide this service. The last time that occurred in this country was 1912. Wake up people. None of this shit has to be the way it is. It can all be changed. To get a proper perspective on this please watch Arron Russo's; America, Freedom to Fascism.

Finally, I do not think the economic storm has blown over yet. I think the masses were seduced into re-entering the markets for one last sucker rally. I hope I am wrong. We will find out soon. The other tool that is at their disposal is the capability to start another war. I hope I am wrong there too. When all else fails, I fear they have another, false flag operation waiting in the wings. My biggest concern is it would have to be ten times 9-11 to be as effective. I pray I am wrong on this one! It all depends on just how desperate they are. Time will tell. 2010 should be just as interesting as 2009. Most of all, I hope they continue to fight against each other, canceling out the worst of the possibilities, weakening each other to the point of submission to a logical and reasonable state of existence. I suppose it is possible. Although highly unlikely, unless that is, we figure out how to no longer need their services in a world where things could make sense again. That is my vision. I will never cease to carry it. Maybe someday we can live it! I leave you with this link to a website called Sons of Liberty. This is a solo project by Jon Schaffer, founder of the metal band, Iced Earth. If you like classic metal you will enjoy! If not, just check out the links to some good documentaries on the left. America- Freedom to Fascism can be found there.

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