Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All the Lies

The lies keep coming. Massive piles of them. Choking out any chance of the truth being seen. You must wade into the pile and start removing them one by one. At the bottom of the heap you start to see glimmers of truth. You won't find the bright shiny truth down there. It will be a little dull and worn, but still the truth all the same.

I think at this stage of the game the best we can hope for is that enough people realize the exact nature of the game. Those people are seeing beyond all of the lies that promote division and demonetization of others. The masters of this are your government. Fear the terrorists. Fear the swine flu. Fear the killer climate change that will decimate the entire planet. Who has killed the most people in the last ten years? You want to put things in proper perspective? Then be concerned about what they are not telling you. Things like they are flat, busted, broke, as in bankrupt. Things like all out wars on weaker nation that just happen to have oil. Things like they will concoct any scheme in order to suck more money out of you. You think health care reform will benefit you and your family?

The lies are such a drug that many are addicted now. The transparency of these highs can be seen very easily when you shut off your television. Just unplug it. Cut off it's life force. Right there you will cut the bullshit in your life by half! Read information instead of having it dispensed to you in tiny little sound bites that are designed to communicate to you at a third grade level. Think for yourself. It's hard to give up addictions, I know first hand. It can be done though. A life with less deception is worth it. It has never been more important to focus on the truth. It has never been more difficult either.

Many deceptions were brought to light last year. Many agendas fell as a result. Rest assured they will return with even more deception and fear mongering tactics. All the more reason to try and help educate as many as possible. All the more reason to resist in any way possible. It remains each and every one of our personal responsibilities to help each other with this. Don't be afraid. Speak out about what you know is not true. There are many problems to solve. They will forever remain unsolved if we can't first dig through all the lies, to get to the true root of the problem! I think that root lies in the ease with which we are deceived on a daily basis. I think that comes from having lost our ability to think for ourselves. Resist against the group think you know is wrong. Resist the fear based reactions. Resist the Orwellian chatter that is coming from the idiot box. There are a whole lot of places to find solid, true information. Seek it out while you can. It may not be available much longer. Always triple check information. Believe no one outright. Discern facts for yourself. Question everything. It is time for this. We can make a difference. All the lies lose their power to deceive only after they are brought into clear view for all to see. Be unpopular. Rattle some cages. Make people think!

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