Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bunny Stroker Meets the Curb Stomper

Just a couple thoughts today on certain spiritual beliefs that seem to be cropping up with an ever increasing frequency. Many people out there seem to gravitate towards the fuzzy bunny approach to their world view. While I certainly think it is wise to try and view with an optimistic eye, some of these beliefs cross my line of acceptance. The so called "New Age" movement of universal spirituality comes to mind. Now don't get me wrong, I am not ripping the whole belief structure. I have just been a little concerned about certain aspects. Mainly, this whole ignore the bad theory. Here are my concerns.

Many seem to think that focusing on anything other than only so called positive aspects automatically makes you the opposite. Case in point. One common belief held by some is you should not resist anything or you will become that thing you are resisting. What? I think that's fucking ridicules. I will be the first to admit, I am not running through a field of flowers, petting bunnies, singing songs of how peaceful the wonderful world is because I know how to live in love and light. I am also not curb stomping the heads of every asshole that disagrees with me. There is a place of sanity and reality from which to operate. I am also fully aware that the vast majority do not share my view of this place. However there is a happy medium between bunny strokers and curb stompers. In the extremes I think the point becomes clear. Even though it can be said that these fringe dwellers can push the boundaries of society, we can also surmise there are just as many dead ends as anything else out in fringe land.

One side would have everything sunny and bright and full of love and never any conflict. Such a place may exist, but it sure isn't here. The other side is completely consumed in control through threat of violence, lurking in the shadows, ignorant of insight, and that side doesn't always exist here either. So is it better to ignore things or worry about every little thing? Obviously the best way to maximize the learning curve would be to be open to investigate all sides of the spectrum. My whole point here being, whether you like it or not, we all have a bunny stroking, curb stomping side of us. To ignore either aspect is devastating to being. We live in a dynamic universe where forces naturally oppose and attract depending on polarity. Destruction bores creation and creation proceeds destruction in a never ending spiral of universal energy. If I were forced to put a moral judgement on it, it would have to ALL be good. Ultimately there is no good or bad, there just is. Incorporation of all things under the sun.

The other troubling aspect of bunny stroking is the tendency to allow everything. I'm going to contradict myself in certain aspects here. Assuming the highest aspect is, and it may not be, that there is no true good or bad, then allowance would seem to fit the bill. But then couldn't one argue that complete control would equally fit the bill? Maybe my own struggle lies with this seeming cohabitation of free will, and the external control paradigm. Maybe I spend too much time on the fringe! One thing that is clear. The act of defiance is considered undesirable by lord master, yet is one of the most powerful expressions of free will. Self empowerment comes when you realize the only one who lives with your actions is you. You chose how you interact in the physical world. Do you cast a shadow that you demand others to dwell within, or do you shine a beacon of truth upon the dark underbelly of repression? Perhaps recognition and balance of the sides would negate the need for struggle. Is it possible to coexist in a world of mutual respect and appreciation for the opposing view? Maybe if we all realize that everyone has the same instincts inside we could come to an agreement that you don't really need to stroke a bunny to be respectful and sensative of others, and you also don't need to curb stomp another humans skull to feel empowered. In the end, all lessons must be learned to coexist in peace and respect.

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