Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What if?

What if this life is really just a game. When it ends we ALL just go home as friends, grateful for the roles we played in each others lives. We understood that all the difficulties are just contrived little learning experiences. The more of an emotional imprint, the deeper the lesson. Could it be that maybe this is why some are so much more sensitive to things, while others carry on as if nothing really matters? Neither being right or wrong, just different.

One of the fascinating things I see is the fact that you have 6.7 billion people here, and no two are identical. We all share so many similarities and yet we can be so different. What could possibly account for this? We all have physical bodies. We all have thoughts and emotions. We all have spirit and soul. (Many argue this and perhaps therein lies the difference.) We all share in the same needs yet we go about satisfying these needs in many different ways.

Another fascinating occurrence I have noticed is a merger. Our scientific understandings are starting to explain many spiritual understandings. What if it is not understanding at all? What if it is remembering? Remembering who we really are and where we came from. Are our origins really what we are taught they are? What if the truth of our origins was a mixture of creationism and evolution? What if? (To put it bluntly I have always maintained we came from the star people fucking the monkeys! Or perhaps a more appropriate explanation would be an extraterrestrial race mixed their DNA with the Neanderthal race.)

Many people have told me to stop wasting my time asking questions that can never be answered. But is it really a waste of time? How can you waste something that doesn't truly exist? Oh but I love the questions. They help me to maintain the proper perspective on things. We seem to have been given this curious nature, why shouldn't we use it to it's fullest extent? Perhaps our dream time holds a clue for us. Where are we really going when we dream?

One thing I know for certain. Life gets more interesting with each passing day. Collectively we are certain to be in for a wild ride. It's an incredible process to teach 6.7 billion people intertwining spiritual lessons that challenge the expert and novice alike. There's a reason we all came here at once you know. I dare say we are here to experience the event of our lifetimes. I think we are here to experience one galactic, massive, awakening moment of AHA! Are you ready? What if?

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