Friday, January 8, 2010

They Hate us for our Freedoms

Remember when George Bush told us that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms? Well guess what? He wasn't lying! Wrap your head around this. The event that precipitated that statement was 9-11, which was a false flag terrorist attack preformed by the CIA, MOSSAD, and M15. Those terrorist organizations work for the globalists. There is nothing the globalists hate more than your freedoms. Documented facts.

The people that the main scream media demonizing are not terrorists. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen,and Somalia do not hate us for our freedoms. They hate us because we are killing them. The ignorant masses that support these murders are stained with the blood of innocents. Silence on this issue is compliance. Like it or not we are the true mass murdering terrorists in the world.

It wasn't always this way. There was a time when people of other countries looked up to the United States. There was a time when our system had the best chance of succeeding in bringing health and prosperity to the world. There was a time when we, as a nation had broke free from the international banker's death grip. Then of course we were sold out. It's been down hill every since. What was once the economic and political shinning beacon to the world, is now a dark, evil place of draconian measures, exploiting the ignorance of the citizenry and thus becoming everything it claims to be saving us from. Disgusting! Where is the conscious of the people? Where is the moral fiber of our leadership? YEAH RIGHT!

I look back to the election of 2008 and I remember all of the promises made by a certain presidential candidate. It sounded really good. Too good! Over a year later not one god damned promise was kept. NOT ONE! Either the man was extremely naive or he is a lying sack of shit. Either way, it really doesn't matter. Every single plan started by Bush has been continued and in most cases, enhanced by Obama. Just like Bush continued Clinton's agenda seamlessly. The fact is war, and security are huge businesses. The fact is killing children is profitable to some people. The fact is, trying to make you think that unless you submit to all of these foolish security measures, which are completely stripping you of your rights, literally, you will be harmed by TERRORISTS. This is complete and utter bullshit!

Our Politicians are the most corrupt, lying, murderous people to walk the planet. They should all be charged with treason and disposed of accordingly. That would assure that politicians would finally be able to enact laws that would safeguard the will of the people. The blue print for success and prosperity is there. Simply return to a constitutional government, restoring all checks and balances and proper distribution of power. Make all lobbying illegal, and take the economic control away from the international bankers. This would effectively break the back of the new world order gang and serve notice to anyone else with any bright ideas about enslaving the masses. We are the energy source. Remember that. Energy does not flow from the top down to us. We generate it from the base and send it up. Anytime we choose to withhold projecting it up we can. I think it's time to do that. We start by saying no. Instead of projecting fear, which is what they feed off of, we need to learn to project a collective energy of we have had enough of the lies and crimes against humanity. We are now holding all who are accountable for these crimes. Not only is it our right to do so. It is our obligation to do so. Hit them where it hurts. Do not fly. Boycott all the large banks. Withhold their life blood. They hate us for our freedoms all right. They hate the fact we still are the biggest threat to them. They will not rest until we are completely subservient to their every whim. Think very hard about that. Do you want to live a life of no privacy, no rights, no liberty? Then we are nothing more than animals. Herded this way and that. We already are just that in many aspects. When will we resist? Will we ever? I sure hope so.

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