Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How long?

How long will it be before we realize how screwed we are by the federal government? How much evidence must be provided before realizing that every single job that they are paid to do for people, is not done for people, but done to people? They think it is funny. They laugh at us for thinking that they help us. There is overwhelming evidence that screams for our attention in this area. This is not some rogue element trying to rip a few people off. This is a system wide assault on every middle class person in the country. All of us are in danger of losing everything that we hold as near and dear to our hearts.

Let's start with unemployment. Why do you think there are so few jobs? Why has all the manufacturing jobs left the country? Because your government provided huge tax incentives for large corporations to move their operations to other countries. The backbone of the American economy had always been the huge economic infrastructure of manufacturing. At the same time they started pulling jobs a massive campaign to blame the workers for poor productivity and workmanship began. Labor unions were demonized and beginning with Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers, the labor unions were systematically stripped and dismantled. Earning a decent living under good working conditions was said to cut into profits too much. Corporations claimed they could no longer be competitive. The heavy manufacturing was the first to go. Now there is nothing left. They promised that only the shitty jobs that no one wanted to do would be lost. They said all the good paying, technological jobs would replace the bad jobs. Remember those hollow promises? What happened? Where are they now?

Running parallel to this agenda was a build up of federal power. With 9-11 we watched our freedoms evaporate like water in the desert. We chose security over liberty. How secure to do feel watching your daughters, wives, and mothers being groped and ogled by TSA goons who very soon will be sitting in the back room starring at their naked bodies. People who are being paid 9 bucks an hour to keep us safe from terrorists. Yeah right! All of the very things that made us are now being stolen from us. How does it feel to know that your very own government is the largest terrorist organization the planet has ever known? No one wants to come to the United States anymore. Unless you come from Mexico. I mean absolutely no disrespect to the fine people of Mexico. Their corrupt government has left many of them without a choice, just like ours is doing to us!

In the end it becomes quite clear exactly what is going on. Governments, with no oversight, become corrupt to the core. Like all institutions that seek to withhold power, their end is always sealed by this very act. Power in its natural flowing state, provides everyone with benefit. As soon as it is constrained and controlled, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. If we the people of this country, and of this world, continue to allow and enable certain others to disrupt the flow of power, it will eventually turn on us all. It has happened time and time again. If you fuck with things enough, the nature of things becomes so far out of balance that self destruction becomes inevitable. It is nature's way. Once that process begins there is nothing that can stop it. It will restore balance, even if it must destroy everything to start anew. I would not be surprised. Part of me would think, what took so damn long? The other part of me would mourn for those who were deceived the whole time. For you see, so many have such kind loving hearts, and unfortunately, so many know how to easily manipulate this kindness. Those knowingly manipulating others for there own selfish agendas have an even farther path to travel. For as odd as it seems, be grateful if you are a poor, common person with a kind heart, for you already understand that balance is achieved on the inside, where the true power flows. If you understand these things your not afraid. Now please try to help others who are still afraid. Because we never know how long.

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