Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since my last post. Not much has changed. We walk around, absorbed in our lives, unaware of many things. Things are not all wonderful in the merry old land of oz. We have thrown back the curtain and realized the wizard doesn't hold ALL of the cards after all. I still maintain the position that awareness of the truth of our reality is the best bet we have. We should understand it is all about money, power, and control. To this end the powers that be will do anything to maintain their power, control, and lavish lifestyles, while impoverishing the rest of us useless eaters.

There is proof of this all around us. We would like to believe that our system is based on what is best for all people. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You may disagree with that assessment, and that certainly is your prerogative. My blog is not aimed at you. I'm writing to the person who senses deep down inside somethings not quite right with this picture. It has become painfully obvious to me that we support a system that does nothing but loot and kill. That, my friends is total bullshit. We don't need this garbage any longer. We have a much better sense of moral obligation then any of those fucking clowns, we call leaders. All they are concerned with is looting our country. If we can't wake up to this fact, we will be fucked twenty different ways on Sunday!

Now the big push for another war goes into overdrive. How many countries will we attack before the rest of the world says ENOUGH? It is always an indication to the state of a country as to how they treat the rest of the world. Case in point, Haiti. We decide it's better to occupy as opposed to helping. I find this disgusting. Hell, we don't even have to look past our own borders to find disgusting behavior from our government. Cutting social programs while expanding illegal wars of occupation is a crime against humanity in and of itself. Now their saying that all the baby boomers retiring are going to break the system! The social security system had plenty of money to cover this known event. Ask Bill Clinton what happened to the social security emergency fund. Remember that so called governmental surplus? Now you know how that was achieved.

All this mess didn't start with Clinton. It won't end with Obama either. There has been a long line of planned events, every since the federal reserve banking system was reinstalled back in 1913. Even though Kennedy was groomed and placed, he realized the despicable plan in place and tried to fight against it. We see what that got him. Here's the thing gang. There are no heroes on the horizon to save us. We have to do the dirty work ourselves. That simply means civilly disobeying the government. It means saying no to war. It means saying no to the fiscal irresponsibility that is forcing to the edge of the abyss. It means saying no to the attack on our personal freedoms that the government is carrying out in the name of war on terror. It means saying no to the ridicules war on drugs that is imprisoning people for smoking a fucking joint! It means saying no to the constant ploys to divide the people into separate and unequal groups.

Until the day comes when all citizens unite under a common goal to fight the real enemy, we will witness our lives continue slip into an ever increasing, desperate state of survival. Many are there all ready. Many of us have lost homes, jobs, life savings, and most importantly, dignity.
What ever you do, don't give those bastards the satisfaction of giving up your dignity. Your dignity need never come from money, power, or prestige. Our dignity comes from doing what is right, despite the consequences. Our dignity comes from helping each other. Our dignity would come from restoring balance to our system. NOT from putting trust in a broken system, headed by the most corrupt government in history! If you think this is not true, hang around awhile and watch what happens.

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