Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Do A Recap, National Strike!

As we await the complete collapse of the value of the dollar, (worth 4% of 1913 value) as we await yet another war to begin, (CNN poll said 70% of Americans believe Iran has nookular weapons) and as we await the skyrocketing cost of living and taxes to destroy us, what in the hell can we do about it?

1). Stop believing that politicians are doing anything but lieing and stealing! That's all they have ever done, and that's all they will ever do!

2). Stop believing Glen Beck, or ANY of the other bought and paid for talking heads of the corporate owned media are telling you anything of substance, or value!

3). Stop behaving like the good little slave, lickin' masses' boots! Start behaving like a pissed off sovereign who has just been robbed of all your wealth! ( Your house aint worth shit even if you can sell it, don't lose your job cause trust me, even if you find another one, you will be paid a wage equal to 20 years ago. Wait till you see your pension, 401k, or social security, in 2yrs! What do the kids of today have to look forward to? DEBT!)

4). Join me in the upcoming NATIONAL STRIKE. April 15-18. Set aside these four days. DO NOTHING. BUY NOTHING. SELL NOTHING. STAY AT HOME!

Send a message to the scum that think they own us. Join me and hopefully millions of others who are fed up with war, taxation without representation, social injustice, and the looting and pillaging of our nation's wealth and civil liberties. This is not a political act. It is a grass roots act of anger against the assholes in government. It is a stand against the illegal, federal reserve, which is causing all of this debt the government is running up in our names! This may be our last chance to civilly disobey. Use it. For it is said if peaceful revolt is not made possible, than violent revolt will occur. Wake up gang, this shit is going hot real quick. Don't fall for the bullshit!

Here is where you can find more information about the NATIONAL STRIKE.
Pass the word on. By doing this, you take back some of your own power to affect change!
You have the right to be heard!
If we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything.
Liberty is worth standing for!

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