Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ramble On over The Rainbow

When one reaches the point of knowing things are not as they seem, many interesting things start to occur. The people who cling to the collapsing paradigm suffer the most. Those who find the will to let it go, seem to move effortlessly through the changes and are very well adjusted to their new surroundings. Things are changing. The old control paradigm is crumbling before the controllers very eyes. They are terrified. Why do you think they spend so much energy attempting to watch and monitor us. They watch us on cameras, read our emails, listen to our phone conversations. They constantly try to direct our thoughts, manipulate our actions, and keep us oblivious to their sorted little plans. They will eventually fail, as all efforts to control always fail. We can be herded, but when enough of us smell the slaughter house, we are approaching, the herd becomes spooked. You know what happens then.

Times like these are meant to be chaotic. Times like these are meant to push us to our limit. Once we our on the fringe of our personalities we learn so much more about the exact nature of our being. The edge is where changes can occur. We so desperately need change. The remarkable thing is, as we learn to make the internal changes, the external situation changes accordingly, sometimes. How many nights of the dark soul does it take to finally understand what is happening here? How many acts of desperation must we witness? How long before we realize the hero we are waiting for, stares back at us every day in the mirror? I ask those of you reading this to do one thing. Simply be true to yourself.

Life can be very frightening when you are constantly being deceived. Try to remember that fear is a natural, instinctual response to provoke action. I know there are many days where I feel powerless over things. There are many days where I am fearful of what lies ahead ( I smell the slaughter house!) Not from what will happen to me, but what may happen to others. It is on those days that I redouble my efforts to try and see a little farther and a little clearer into what lies ahead for us. One thing I can say for certain. A window of opportunity exists now that never has before. What we have lying at our feet only needs to be picked up and utilized to it's fullest extent, for never has it been easier to distinguish the good from the bad.

When viewing an event or an action, ask if it is done out of fear or love. Very simple. Intent is everything. Look at how our leaders act. Do they try to empower and educate people or do they try to frighten and control people? Do they encourage open debate, or try to silence dissenting views? Do they treat people with respect and dignity or do they torture and kill? Once you are able to set the brainwashed, blind propaganda aside you see one thing crystal clear. Our leaders do not represent us. They are everything we are supposed to stand against. They have become the true enemy of every peaceful, loving, trusting person on this planet. Do not deceive yourself. If you believe in peace and love and trust those around you who are the same, you possess more power inside your heart then all of them combined. That is what they fear the most. Their god of money and deception will never teach them those things either. If you bow at their alter of wealth and might, chances are you will not know those things yourself.

The problem as I see it is this. For far too long love has been equated with passivity and weakness. True a peaceful, loving person is not prone to violence. However the big deception is might makes right. We will always be reduced to such a mentality when we lose our ability to think and feel! The true power, which for the most part is still dormant, is right inside of us. Within reach to all except for the ones who have lost the ability to be true to themselves. The illusion of wealth and power seems to have completely compromised all but the fewest, rarest of men/women. For the vast majority of us, wealth and power are the least of our problems! Our problem appears to stem from a lack of resolve to perform our social and moral obligation, to ourselves and to the world, to fire our worthless leaders and install people who reflect our true values to do the job we need to have done! To those of you who are brainwashed into the false left-right paradigm, this would seem impossible. To you I would say, grow up and leave the childish ways behind, and mature into a responsible, globally aware citizen that the world needs us to be.

The national problem stems from an international menace that resides on it's seat of power through global control of the monetary system that serves no one except those who control it! It's been that way a long time, and it's time it ends. Of course they will not go quietly into the night. Those who have ruled and profited by said system, also delight in controlling through constant war, famine and disease. Violent, frightened, hungry, weak, mind controlled people will never present a challenge to them. Strong willed, loving, kind, healthy, intelligent, truthful people are a huge threat to them! That is why it is never in their best interest to do things that would be good for us all. That is why you can never trust anything they say or do! I am not suggesting exterminate them, that is their wish for us, maybe put them behind glass, as a reminder to what happens if you forget yourself and act all crazy.

The bottom line is I am a student of probability as much as possibility. The odds are not good, and yet, something drives me to never stop holding a vision of a place where all are free to exist without fear and violence. Where we help each other to achieve the highest degree of understanding and being. A place where one's worth is judged by how much one can love and care about others. Maybe it's where we are going. Maybe it's where we've been. Maybe it's just a place I remember as home. Many here can attest to the fact that as hard as I've tried in the past, I never quite seem to feel like I am home. They say home home is where the heart is. My heart is in that place I described. Some would call me a fool, or a dreamer. I don't know, but I do know, the longer I stay here in this crazy place, the clearer I see and feel that other place. I also know I'm not the only one who feels this way. It slips through every once in awhile, and presents itself in random acts of kindness. Who knows, maybe it's catching on. I don't care what anyone says. Hope is a good thing, just don't take it to the bank! Keep it in your heart. It can never be stolen, only given away, in some sort of random act of kindness.


  1. Great post! Hope, may we never lose it.

    I am sad for you though that you have not found your "home". I will try to help you get there.

    maybe one day we will all be home...

  2. Hey, do not be sad. We both know our home is not far away. We take great comfort in each other! We have done the best to make a home for each other! For that my dear I am eternally grateful to you. Your love is my home, hope, and inspiration! Thank you babe! I love you with all of my heart!