Sunday, March 7, 2010

Watch This!

A new approach to try and pass the infamous carbon cap and trade legislation that in essence would be the death knell for our country. That is if you like the idea of freedom. This draconian legislation would hand complete control of your life to the federal government, which in it's current form would cede ultimate control to the governing U.N. body on climate change.
They are pulling all the stops on this one. Combining oil dependency, demonizing Iran, climate change, and supporting the troops in one dramatic propaganda piece. They are counting on people's support of the troops to piggyback all this other bullshit on. Please understand, they will stop at nothing to pass these ridicules carbon laws. This ain't no bullshit gang. If they ram this shit through it's game over for us little people.
For much more information on the seriousness of this climate cult and a clearer understanding of how far their reach extends I strongly encourage you to read and research
You will also find some very strong research for 9-11 and the very convincing evidence presented by David Hawkins and Field McConnell
Happy Hunting, and please don't fall for this Climate Change bullshit!

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