Monday, March 8, 2010

Cnn, Suicide Warriors

I am never at a loss for words when it comes to the main stream media pushing the agenda so obviously. Note that at 1:39 into the segment, the "hockey stick" graphic! Subtle little reminder of other nefarious agendas. Notice also the banner under the patriot group hockey stick banner.
It has in big, bold letters, Homegrown Hate, Suicide Warriors on the rise!
This piece does little more than confirm that part of the 9-11 agenda was to enact draconian laws directed not at terrorists, but at questioning citizens. Decide for yourself. It is becoming clear that the scare tactic is meant to silence the questions. OOOOOO, booga, booga, be very afraid of those seeking the truth, they are crazy and suicidal!

A little bit about John Phillips Avlon, (born 1973), authored the book, Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics and Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America. He was also columnist and associate editor for the New York Sun. He also worked as a chief speech writer for New York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani.

Notice also the catchy new 'buzz words" or advertising phrases that come from this piece. "Frightwing" and the "Hateriot movement". Madison Ave. couldn't be prouder! These catch phrases are carefully chosen to try and funnel the masses thought process to a "safe place", where people fear asking questions because they will appear crazy or mentally unstable. As a result some people will stop questioning the official story. Many of us are a bit more savvy then that. Take the phrase "Conspiracy Theory". A perfect example of Orwellian double speak. Most people automatically define this phrase opposite of it's true meaning. The context of the phrase has changed it's definition. The writers of propaganda have done a masterful job of containing many truth seekers in this manner. It is a very effective and shrewd way of manipulation, and until you understand how it works, it will provide the controllers with a nice little safety net to catch the strays daring to wander outside of the herd. These techniques apply to all forms of information, depending on the intent of the writer or director. I often equate the search for truth with the child's game, Chutes and Ladders. Sometimes you climb a ladder to get to a higher place, sometimes you fall down a chute, to a lower place only to retrace the steps over again.
Beware of the chutes, as they always lead to a redundant position.

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