Saturday, March 13, 2010

Government's and Religion's Rotted Remains

Society, in all it's glory and splendor is getting a bit tarnished lately. The two supreme societal agencies of government and religion are looking worse by the day. One wonders how long before their inevitable downfall, or more likely, their complete collapse. I for one think that the day should be celebrated and looked forward to. We must realize these institutions are run by people who are not at all fit to serve humanity. They are quite the opposite actually.

I will begin with organized religion to start with. It is a well known fact that a high percentage of clergy and church officials are pedophiles. Now it comes out that even the pope himself is involved in the systematic cover up of abusive priests. It is unfortunate that many have pursued a life as a trusted servant of god, only to provide a cover for their own devious actions. As you can see, the whole premise of religion takes on a completely different meaning. It is now, and has always been about control, for what type of god is it that allows the rape of a child in it's name? It also seems that the stricter the religion, the more widespread the offenses against the most vulnerable of those in society, our children. How many alter boys have been, and are molested? If you can allow yourself to truly contemplate the level of damage that is caused by these people in their positions of unquestioning trust, then you have begun to understand why such organizations need to collapse into dust. That is not to say that pedophiles don't exist elsewhere, but certain callings provide the needed requirements to provide an ideal environment for perpetrators to thrive, and in most religions they are never held accountable for their crimes. It's interesting that the same types of crimes can be found in governmental officials at an alarming rate also.

Governments and religions share a lot in common. How many wars have been waged in the name of god and country? Again the ability to deceive the masses being the common thread to run between them. The fact of the matter is we are indoctrinated to trust them from the day we are born. We are taught that god is on our side and we are a right and just people who would not harm or exploit others. On an individual level, this is often very true, but what about collectively? We rationalize the current wars on the premise of being attacked by Muslim extremists. Until we accept that the truth of the matter is very far from the official story, we simply allow wars to be fought, with our children, in our name. We simply allow our rights and freedoms to be taken away. They same rights so many died defending, so they say. The simple truth is war is always fought over lies. People who become deceived become victims. Victims become easy prey for predators.

I think it's safe to say that certain characteristics can be found in those who prey upon people. One such characteristic would be a disdain for average people. Leaders see themselves as people who are above most others. They see those whom they govern or save as ignorant masses, who can not be trusted to make good choices for themselves. They need guidance and protection. The higher the pedestal the leader sees themselves on, the more corrupt they appear to become. This is simple human nature. The perks from being a leader become obvious. The leader suddenly finds themselves being more interested in protecting their elevated status, rather than sharing their gifts to empower others. Wealth, power, and control over others becomes a powerful elixir that very few can find the will to resist. When you add in repression of a natural function of say the drive to have sex, you have a recipe for disaster. It is true that the purest of natural instincts, those of survival and to perpetuate the species, become the most corrupt when twisted by the need to control others. So many good people have entered politics and religion, only to be turned into the exact thing they swore to battle against.

So, as it becomes more clear that governments soul reason for existence is to control and loot the people, and religion to control and deceive the people, these things are coming to an end of their life cycles. Good fucking riding's! I know that governments and religions only exist because people still believe in them. I know many are convinced that we will fall into complete anarchy and chaos if there isn't someone to threaten with laws and rules and dogma. The day must come though, when we mature beyond these things, and govern ourselves, empower each other, care about each other more than we care for ourselves. All advanced societies must learn to breach that level if progression is to occur, for nothing remains the same, it either grows or it declines. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which direction we are headed. Declination is not always a bad thing, for fertilizer is needed for the growth of the seeds that are planted. I can think of no better use for the rotted remains of governments and religions! I can envision a time and place where the focus of society is not to be led, but to empower each other. The understanding that we are only as strong as the weakest member. I see a place where the brightest, strongest, smartest people are revered not because of their vast material wealth, but because of their contributions to helping others become more than what they are. A place where everyone encourages each other to be empowered by the most important knowledge. The knowledge of every human's true potential, actualized by understanding that everyone is priceless and valued beyond understanding, and that each and every person is needed to create the whole as experienced on earth. All this if only we stop allowing ourselves to be led, and just lead ourselves, by being that example we would wish our leaders to be.

May all governments and religions rot in peace!

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