Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

I read that the health care reform bill, could be voted on today. If this bill passes what will tomorrow bring? It seems to me, just like the past 25 years, it will continue to be a slow, steady process that most people will not even notice. The end goal does appear to be a complete disintegration of all of our personal rights as Americans. In other words, everything about this country that made it a truly special place is disappearing right before our eyes. Unfortunately, we are well beyond the point of easily turning this thing around. It will now require sacrifice from us all. I think a very rude awakening is in order.

What seems to go completely unnoticed by many people is the truth behind the agenda of the federal government. Point blank, they don't give a fuck about any of us. They only care about maintaining the illusion of being king of the world. The reality is our government is flat busted broke. The reality is every concocted scheme to help anyone is done so at the cost of increasing their power and wealth, and then for their true masters. Health care reform is a direct payout to the rapacious health insurance companies for their campaign support. That's the way it works. Different huge corporations give millions to get elected the politicians who promise them billions in return. When government controls corporations its called Communism. When corporations control government its called Fascism. The constitutional republic we were originally set up to be, has been absent for a long time. Get over it. Then do something to take it back. They will not give it back unless forced to do so.

The most powerful force in the universe is love. It overcomes all. They know this. That is why so much time and effort is spent trying to keep us distracted from this fact. Sometimes you must show this love to others in a manner that is not so kind. It is known as tough love. Sometimes you must push the truth even if it hurts someone. Case in point. People generally will not change their behaviours unless they are forced to view the direct results of how it affects other people. People tend towards securing their own wants, then worrying about others. There are also a great many who do sincerely put others first, and these people are usually exploited for their kindness. The power of love therefore must be rooted in knowledge to be the most effective. A balance between the mind and the heart is a fully integrated human spirit that is virtually unstoppable and will not be deceived or controlled. That is what's necessary to regain our country from the usurpers in the federal government. We must become fearless, loving, spiritual warriors. This battle is not fought with brute force, but with a pen, a mouth, a blog, and a pure intent that can never be bought or guilted into doing the wrong thing. We also must become willing to personally sacrifice a lot of things that others would never live without.

How many people are willing to lay down their cushy lives of glut and excess? Not many. How many would be willing to if they could catch a glimpse of the not too distant future? Probably a great deal more. This is the difficult thing to grasp. The self appointed masters of the planet, despite all of their brilliant technology and intricate plans of control, will fail. However, it will require some of us to help make that happen. We do this by empowering each other. This is done through love and knowledge. Sharing the intricate details of their plans, in a kind caring manner is in my opinion the means to the end. I am 100 percent convinced of this. I will continue this until my last breath. I want a future for my grand children that does not involve the type of control and manipulation that we endure now.

One of the many problems when addressing these issues is the control apparatus that has been established. It's main source of power is derived from it's difficulty in being detected. People can not protect themselves from something they don't know exists as a threat. Perception is the key. Gathering useful information another important key. Deceit prevails only in a climate of ignorance. We all share some level of ignorance. Ignorance can have many different levels. Some willfully chose to remain ignorant because knowledge comes with a price. That price is a responsibility to share it, if ones intentions are loving. If ones intentions are rooted in fear, knowledge will be kept secret instead of freely shared with those who seek it. In my honest opinion an unrelenting love of truth is the prerequisite of knowledge. The control apparatus loses it's ability to control and deceive with such people. This forces the powers that be to try and build a better mouse trap so to speak.

A very obvious segment of the control apparatus is the corporate controlled main stream news media. All of the corporate sponsored news outlets, especially on television, newspapers, and radio fall into this category. The Internet is the most recent addition to the list. The interesting thing is all of the national news that is dispersed by these means comes from three sources, all controlled by the powers that be. In other words, the illusion of reality that they want you to believe is spoon fed to you each night by paid actors who are taught how to deliver the goods in a manner that makes you react emotionally rather than to think rationally about the information. There is even a good deal of evidence to suggest that film footage that accompanies some news stories is fabricated and enhanced with elaborate editing software to add or subtract from the film content to increase the psychological effect of the news piece. In other words created marketing and manipulation of events. This technique has become highly effective and rationalized by the premise that the ends justifies the means. Some obvious examples of this are the managed presentation of the events of 9-11 and also the "news coverage" of the lead up to the Iraq war. Germany perfected it's use in the 30's and 40's. It is called propaganda, and with the advent of television, and the Internet there has never been such a powerful expression of it. It is extremely effective.

Society's main foundations can be found to have been compromised by the organised control apparatus. Religion, Government, media, education systems, all have become nothing more than herding systems to move the sheeple to the proper holding areas. The holding areas represent the benign levels of thought and action deemed safe by the controllers. In other words people who are not a threat to the powers that be. I suspect they have perfected the process of identifying those that would pose a threat to them also. With the increasing popularity of the so called alternative websites, the controllers have a vast pool of data to mine. Websites such as Alex Jone's, Infowars and Whatreallyhappened, provide a great deal of factual information but could also possibly be gathering points where government can collect identities of readers. Even though the vast majority of people never find their way to such websites, those that do would be considered a threat. I am not suggesting one should fear reading anything, I am saying that the method of operation of the controllers is to co-op the opposition and channel their agenda through them, in very subtle ways. Careful what you regard as fact from any source. The likelihood is very high that deception will always be mixed with a smattering of truth. These are what I would call off ramps from the information highway. They are everywhere. We all take them on occasion. The longer you search, the easier it becomes to spot them.

So, what will tomorrow bring? I don't know for sure. What I do know is health care reform, carbon cap and trade, war with Iran, and any other plan pushed be the federal government, is meant for one thing. To continue the extraction of wealth and resources from any and every one they can. They don't care if your foreign or domestic, black or white, Muslim or Christian, they look at you as a tool. An extraction tool. To secure their place in life and the place of their masters. Remember that is all they understand, for they are deceived way more than we are. If it weren't for the fact that they have destroyed so many lives I would have much more pity on their sick and twisted souls. However, not wishing to interfere in any way with what they have coming to them, I will try to remain neutral on them as much as possible. I'll save judgement for those qualified for the job. In the meantime I will just try to share what I think is the truth of the reality of our situation. Please don't believe a word I say. Use my words as catalyst to find your own answers. Once you are convinced, please try to help others understand the true nature of the game here. It's all about love and knowledge, and freely sharing the lessons learned from searching for the truth! Thanks for your time!

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