Friday, July 8, 2011

The Death of the Empire

Today's space shuttle launch marks the end of an era. September 11th marked the beginning of an era. The only sector of the American Government's budget to get a raise is the military. Social spending for the stuff we all really need is on the chopping block. The United States spends 7 times more on war than all the NATO nations combined! You tell me, what is more important?

El Presidente of the banana republic, the place I refer to as "The Fractured States of Anemia", our beloved liar in chief B.O., says if we do not want cuts in social programs, they must raise taxes. What a fucking surprise. The looting of the public is in full swing. It kicked into high gear in1913.
Meanwhile Scott fuck your granny till she dies Walker sips 350 dollar wine with his hatchet buddies. Congress would never dream of personal austerity measures. All this while Goldman Sachs continues to rape the American taxpayer. Where is the rage?

It's kind of like watching a slow motion suicide. It happens so slowly that people can't even notice it. The American Empire is in it's death march. All the scum in the defense industry and the security industry are licking their chops in anticipation of all the money they will make. Fear makes for lots of profit. Fear porn dominates the air waves. The predators love the taste of fear in their meat! The fact is that is all we have become, walking, talking meat sacks!

The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security are directly out of Hitler's playbook. Even the local police forces are becoming nothing but wealth protection services and revenue generating services. Everything revolves around pieces of paper that are more important than anything else. No one has enough of them and everyone is programed to be terrified of running out of them. Money=Fear Porn. Federal Government=Fear Porn. Religion=Fear Porn. Be afraid of Muslim Terrorists. Be afraid of losing your job. Be afraid of going to Hell. Guess what gang? It's all bullshit, and the more you live your life dependent on these lies, the more you are going to suffer when it all collapses as it most surely will. The remarkable thing is that it is within your own power to determine if you will be brainwashed into the fear porn, or if you will use your brain to logically deduce what is bullshit. I choose truth above all else.

The truth is the government subsidized the removal of high paying jobs. Large corporations are given tax loopholes because they give unlimited donations to politicians. The government does not protect taxpayers. The government has an undeclared war against citizens. The government fears the citizen, why do you think they spend so much time trying to strip us of our rights under the guise of protecting us. With a true unemployment rate of 20 percent, we are fast loosing our ability to stand up for ourselves. For myself I was far better off in 1984 than I am today. I was making half the money I am now. Even since B.O. was elected president, our purchasing power has been reduced by 48 percent! Thank quantitative easing 1 and 2, and soon to come 3. By the Federal Reserve flooding the system with dollars they are raising the amount of debt owed. This is because for every dollar printed into existence, more money is owed due to interest. Therefore, there is NEVER enough money to repay the money loaned to us by the Federal Reserve. B.O. could change all of this with a stroke of his pen. Instead he protects the Zionist central banking system, just like all of his predecessors since J.F.K.

The death of the empire can be the best thing to happen to our country, provided we follow Iceland's example of what to do after the collapse. I see today that Egypt is gearing up for revolt part 2. Those people will prevail also because they understand the trap the IMF's loans represent. Globalization only benefits the bankers and the rich, not the average person who works for a living. So the first order of business after the collapse is to completely shit can the government and the Federal Reserve central banking system. Those two actions along with dismantling the TSA and Homeland Security will insure our country would turn around and become the prosperous, moral nation we could be. Nothing short of this will make a difference. I am convinced of this beyond all else. Time will provide the proof.

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