Friday, July 8, 2011

What Really Matters??

Being a long time traveler of both time and space, I can assure you we are at the apex of the dark age. If you can find a way to endure this bullshit, you can get through anything. Dark ages always have a particular set of events, replayed in the same fashion, with the exact same results. The antagonist that appears to be all powerful, gets it's ass handed to it from the most unlikely source. Usually an expression of the subtle energy source. Two main features always occur at the end of the dark age, war becomes a favourite pastime, and mother nature goes bat shit crazy in how she chooses to express herself.

Lets talk war first. War has always existed in this 3 dimensional representation of our collective consciousness. I look at it as our inability to reconcile the two primary forces of the cosmos. It is the friction that occurs from the lack of balance, love and respect for both forces equally. One set of labels for these forces is good and evil. If the attention of the masses is focused on one over they other the resulting friction creates the impedance of the energy flow. Since we all have our own ideas on what is good and evil we are constantly at odds with what we experience as being good or bad. Information provided for us by say a governing agency, works to push are perceptions one way or another. For war to exist there must be good guys and bad guys. You will notice how history as it is presented changes the roles to suit the particular agenda of the governing agency of the moment. The following is a great modern day example.

Osama bin Laden was considered the most evil man by most American people. He was touted as the chief proponent of the terrorist act known as 9-11. He was the one officially responsible for murdering almost 3000 people on that fateful day in September of 2001. Few people actually heard his name before that day. By the end of that day, the most powerful information network in the world was stating as fact he was responsible. How could it be possible to know this?

Two decades prior Osama a.k.a. Timothy Osman was considered a CIA asset. His contributions in fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan were considered invaluable. He helped the Mujahideen defeat the Soviets by bringing in hand held rocket launchers to shoot down Soviet helicopters. So depending on the need very often those considered evil were in fact friendly to the cause in times past. Go figure.

No matter what your station is on the 9-11 topic, the documentation does exist proving old Osama worked for the CIA, who incidentally were the co-conspirators along with the British mi5 to pull off 9-11. The dubious honor of being the chief mastermind and primary executioner of 9-11 belongs to the Israeli spy network known as the mossad, or HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim. It matters not what you believe about who was responsible for 9-11. It only matters who actually did it. Its up to you on a personal basis to do your own investigating. This is my conclusion on the matter. Given the nature of all the Israel firsters in our government and the fact that all of the declared "Axis of Evil" countries are all enemies of Israel, it makes perfect sense as there is motive and capability of said parties to commit the crime. In reality they were the only organisations capable of doing such a thing. As the BBC proved later in the afternoon, the worldwide propaganda machine was in full swing, reading their scripts as prompted. Only one problem. The BBC in an alleged live report, said building 7 of the world trade center complex collapsed. In the background the building clearly was still standing. Twenty five minutes later it collapsed into it's own footprint, just like the towers did earlier that day, except no plane struck building 7!

Fast forward 10 yrs. later. The U.S. is at war or attacking 6 different countries, none of which had done any harm to us. The country that actually did attack us several times (USS liberty, 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, 9-11) receives money and military hardware to the tune of 3.5 Billion a year! As a matter of fact you will not be elected to a federal government position without doing your I suck Israel bit. Why don't you hear of these things? Because the main propaganda system you believe you are getting actual news from is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews (ISRAEL)!
The bottom line with war is ALL of it is based on deception and lies. PERIOD! No exceptions.

This brings us to the second unavoidable condition that prevails in the dark age. Nature. She is the purveyor of justice and balance, destruction and creation, the ultimate manifestation of the universal collective consciousness bar none. She exists on every level, including this physical level where her decision is final. So what really matters in all of this? Well this writer's opinion is that the truth is all we really have. It is out there, and it is in here (pointing to my heart) as it is in every single human being, plant, animal, planet, sun, galaxy, universe, and multiverse that ever was and ever will be. You find your truth, you find your love of all things. You find your love, you lose your fear. You lose your fear the shackles of lies and deception fall away like pedals of a dried flower in the wind. Without any effort, naturally. To become fertile ground for the next expression and so it goes. In denying lies and deception you prepare the canvas of being for the coming Renaissance, where culture, love, creativity and life flourish and grow just as war does today. A time where peace and prosperity reign supreme. A return to the garden. Can any of you see this place? Can you envision life without murder, lies, deceit? I can. Let the truth light your way to the vision that is coming. Hang on folks. Not much longer.

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