Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Wonderful Government

Well the 4Th is over now, how many celebrated by reading the Declaration of Independence?
I thought so. How many Americans have ever read it? Yeah, I know, there are much more important things to do then read that old document. Besides, how can it possibly have any relevance to today's fast paced world? Well I think it has a lot of relevance.

If more people understood what really happened, maybe we would not have to constantly repeat the same bullshit mistakes. The War of Independence was fought, first and foremost against the enslavement forced on us by an economic system that utilized usury as it's main premise of being. Our founding fathers understood what would happen if a central banking system controlled the economy. Andrew Jackson understood this. Abraham Lincoln knew it. John F. Kennedy gave his life in fighting against it. Why do we not see how it enslaves us today?

I cannot look at things today without being reminded of Nazi Germany in the 30's. Hitler came to power by convincing the German people they were being attacked, and actually they were. They were being attacked by a central banking system and he understood this to a degree. Unfortunately he acting on this threat in the exact manor the central bankers would act. Thus he became exactly what he was fighting against and then some. The faces of evil against humanity always have the same appearance. Why do we constantly lose our ability to see this?

The most glaring example of today would be Israel's attempt t0 exterminate the Palestinian people. Of all the people in the world, you would think the Jews, who's ancestors came from Eastern Europe, would have learned how not to treat other people. Instead it seems to have become their "God Given" right to treat people like animals, and act like they are above any and all. Along with the most powerful, corrupt, morally bankrupt nation protecting every crime they commit. The U.S. military force crushes any and all would be detractors of Israel. May I ask, Why the fuck is the U.S. doing tiny little Israel's bidding on all levels? My first thought is blackmail. If the U.S. does not do what it's told, Israel will blow the whistle on the U.S.A.'s compliant role of attacking her own people on 9-11. That and it could very well be that the HaMossad has already placed nuclear weapons in every major city in America, and will use them if not obeyed. Or perhaps the stuxnet virus is lurking in every nuclear power plant in America, waiting to be unleashed to disrupt the cooling functions of the reactors and holding pools. Time will prove these things, one way or another.

In any event our founding fathers warned us of foreign entanglements. Few people know they also warned us about the Jewish banking system! They also warned us of giving up our liberties for feeling safe! Tell that to the T.S.A.! Oh, this just in from the mainstream, corporate ad agencies known as news channels, there appears to be a threat of terrorists sneaking explosives in there body cavities. So you know what that means don't you? It's not bad enough these sick fucks are groping children's genitals, forcing the elderly to remove their depends diapers, viewing people with their naked body scanners, now their going to start body cavity searches! The U.S. is fast becoming the worlds largest open air prison. Complete with surveillance tactics that would make Hitler blush. Land of the free and home of the raped. Welcome to AMERIKA!

The most fucked up shit about all of this is most average Americans think this is all for their own good. Most people have looked the other way in the name of security, when in reality they handing the reigns over to the very people they should be fearing the most. Now that my friends is awesome propaganda at work. The reublicrats know it too, and they are laughing at all the stupid sheeple. Listen, hear that bleating off in the distance? That's you friends and family whining about how inconvenient their lives are. Well here's an inconvenient truth for you, and it ain't Al Gore's global warming bullshit, the game is rigged, and you are on the wrong side. The whole planet thinks your a total brainwashed asshole. They are waiting for you to wake up and put an end to your stupid government fucking with everything and everyone. I think it's time we start doing some heavy lifting and clean house of these scumbags! If we don't someone else will.


  1. You need to see the movie Mars Attack. -- The Martians kill the whole Senate and impale the president on a sharp tail. -- I agree with the content and the method of your article. Are you familiar with "Anonymous the hacker group? They are doing some serious screwing around with the corporations and the CIA

  2. Yes drguy0, I have seen that movie, it is awesome. I am a little skeptical of Anonymous. They seem too good to be true, and are receiving lot's of "face time" in the main stream media. I also notice that they support Wiki leaks, another strike against them in my book. If they are for real and not controlled time will show that too!