Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Flotilla 2

As many of you may remember, in May of 2010 the first freedom flotilla set sail for Gaza to deliver aid to Palestinians being held in the largest open air prison on the planet. You may or may not know an American citizen was shot to death by Israeli commandos who raided the Turkish- American flagged ship in international waters. Furkan Dogan was the 19 yr. old American citizen shot to death on the ship, Mavi Marmara, as it was boarded in international waters, an act of war against the United States I might add. This was not the first time our good buddies, Israel attacked us, and I am sure it won't be the last. Google U.S.S. Liberty and learn more if you don't know already.

Any long time readers of this blog know I don't mince words over what I have learned is the complete domination of the U.S. government by the Zionists who call Israel home. Actually I have come to find the Zionist handle can be a little misleading. Tel Aviv is more like the Eastern branch of the World Central Banking system located in the City of London. The bottom line here is Jewish bankers inflicting usury upon the unenlightened masses. Total global enslavement via debt, wich is built in to the corrupt banking system that benefits only the creators of the currency. The only fucking reason the asshats in Washington suck on the Jewish bankers asses is because they too benefit from supporting the illusion of the central banking system. This brings us back full circle to the ever increasing importance of the Freedom Flotillas.

The bottom line is the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by a people who are no more semetic than the man in the moon is the root of the problem. Most of the Jews occupying Israel come from Eastern Europe. They are descendants of the Khazarians and the Ashkenazians, not Hebrew as they claim. Descendants of the Hebrews are actually the Palestinians. This has been proven with DNA testing. The formation of Israel came in 1947. 64 yrs. later they have yet to formally declare their official borders. What other country in existence gets away with this blatant breakage of international law? No one else. Why? Because no other country is home to the world wide international central banking system, or the Jewish usury system. Israel was created for the soul purpose of giving the international Jewish banker a home to lay claim to diplomatic immunity. This is indeed the ponzi scheme of the ages!

Another interesting anomaly about Israel is they are the only known country to possess nuclear weapons and not be a signer of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty of which Iran is a member of good standing. Incidentally, Israel came to be a nuclear power by stealing plans for reactors from their good buddy the U.S.A. It has come to light through leaked diplomatic cables that Israel was trying to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa in the 60's! As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Also apartheid is a very good description of present Israel in their genocidal actions towards the Palestinians, walling them in and starving them because they had the audacity to elect a government that was not in the Zionist's back pocket. One other side note to not signing the NNPT. There is to this day no known radiation signature to nuclear weapons that were built in the basement of the Dimona nuclear power plant. The whole point of nuclear deterance is to hold responsible those who use these horrible weapons of mass destruction as proven by the unique radition signatures of thier weopons. Israel is not held accountable in this way. Rest assured when there is a big, nuclear bang and we can not identify it, it will be sold to us, by the zionist owned main stream media, as an act of terrorism, to be blamed on whatever enemy Israel decides on at the moment! (A.K.A. 9-11 being blame on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden).

Freedom Flotilla 2 represents a peaceful call to arms to end the foolish blockade of the Gaza strip where at least 1.5 million Gazans live with all the worst Israel has to offer, while Jews lavish themselves with the best lifestyle American and German tax payers can provide. As of this writing the strangled government of Greece has been strong armed by the Israeli government to stop the flotilla from leaving Athens. Yet more proof of the power of Israel and their pit bull buddies, the U.S.A. The people of Greece refuse to support this bullshit. They know that the Greek government's days are numbered. They will see to that. Hopefully the FF2 will sail. Regardless of the outcome, many more people are willing to search with an open mind into the plight of the Palestinians.

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