Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Will Not Send Your Check

Obama is a Federal Reserve bitch. He proved it by trying to lean on the most vulnerable segment of our population, the elderly and disabled. What a piece of work. I thought I seen it all with Bush. When will we understand the corruption and negligence has run rampant. It knows no bounds on either side of the political isle. As I have said before the joke that is the false left-right political paradigm that I call the Republicrats is slowly losing it's hold over the people.

If you support any of these criminals you get what you paid for. War without end, looting of the social security fund (thanks to Slick Willie Clinton), and the Federal Reserve looting system. How much more in your face does this shit have to get? They grope children at airports! Does it get any more disgusting than that? Well maybe making grandma remove her adult diaper! Wake up people. Wake up to the reality of our collective slavery. We will never experience the lifestyle we once did until we kick out the corrupt government and the usury federal reserve system. It's time to go Iceland on their asses!

Iceland should be the model we follow. They kicked their government out, threw the corrupt bankers in jail and now are enjoying a new economic Renaissance as a result of their actions. It's time we take this action. This economic threat from Obama is nothing short of economic terrorism. How many frail old people are getting very upset over this bullshit? The fact is this is money you paid for your future security. Proof your federal government can not be custodians of anything let alone your economic future. I will ask France to send us the blueprints for their guillotines as I think they will come in handy very soon!

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