Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Time is Upon Us

Something approaches just over the horizon. What ever it is, it is present internally as well as externally. It possesses a purity and expression that only the apex of a dark age can offer a balancing energy for. You see there is a damn good reason for things to get so shitty. When the alternative presents itself, it can shine even brighter!

It is very hard to explain these feelings I'm having. This blog offers me a platform to present ideas that are very difficult to articulate in daily life. I know that some past and present acquaintances read this, but I don't know who for certain. Sometimes I wish people would comment more often. I did receive an email thanking me for my writing. I was very moved someone liked my writing, but that is not the reason I do it. I feel compelled to write for that one person sitting on the fence in life, not sure what to do next. If even a moment of clarity results for that one person I am very happy. That one person could be anyone. It could be me.

My feelings of this presence began long ago. I wanted so much to experience a better understanding of life. I have looked in some very interesting places over the years. However, nothing seemed to fully answer the need. I really do think that what is upon us will not only transform us, but clarify a lot of the deceptions we currently live with. We have all the needed components to create the world we need. We just need an event to convince us we all need to work together to make it happen. One thing I am certain of. It will manifest within each of us according to our own personal understanding and needs. Those who use power for controlling others through fear will have a completely different experience than those wishing to live in peace and allowance of personal expression of love. That in a nut shell seems to be the trademark of the dark age. An attempt to hinder personal expression of love. It is done through manipulation, deception and a constant drone of hate.

Hate, true hate, as demonstrated by endless war, is really not much different than love. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp and know is that all consciousness flows from one source. It seems the farther we travel from the source, the more intense the expressions of source become. The more divided. Thus we are left with good and evil. The lines become so blurred, the deceptions so complete, that decent, loving human beings can actually start to believe that killing someone can be just and acceptable. We are conned into accepting the war on terror, which in all actuality is just the Zionist Empire's attempt to bring into the fold, the last remaining bastion of civilization where the usury system of banking is not acceptable.

I do not know how the coming end of the dark age will effect the Zionist empire or the supporting governments of said entity. I would guess it would initially appear to be a traumatic event for them, but if it helps them to understand certain things it could be ultimately positive for them. One thing I have learned from personal experience, never underestimate an entities ability to change if they are properly motivated to do so. Perhaps the controllers simply wish to be corrected and have the rules re-established for them, just like a child testing their boundaries. Every parent has learned that no matter how much you love your child, there comes a time when it is vital to show them who is boss. On the collective whole I think this role belongs to good old mother nature. I also think we our seeing real time demonstrations of this daily.

I started this post referring to the purity of the energetic manifestation that is responsible for ending the dark age. I speak of it as an outside agency, but I don't think it actually is. I find it to be inter dimensional in the sense it is not at all limited to boundaries that us mere mortals must abide by. Once in awhile I hitch a ride and catch a glimpse beyond said boundaries. We all do. I just don't think we always appreciate the significance of doing so. I see that as another thing that falls to the wayside once the dark age is over. Appreciation for everything becomes front and center during the Renaissance, while it is taking advantage of during the dark age. The purity that is restored comes directly from the appreciation of being reminded by the inter dimensional power just exactly where life comes from. It comes from all of us and to the extent we love and appreciate each other for this gift of life do we experience said quality of life. Obviously during the dark age when we kill each other our quality of life and therefore love suffers immensely. This occurs to us all collectively whether we believe it or not, it is just part of the natural cycle.

The purity also cleanses. Just as our bodies cleanse themselves through different systems, so must the planet. We are a surface condition on this planet that can under the best of times, provide many benefits in our little corner of the universe. We can also be a hindrance to progress. So much of this relies on the timing of the cycle we are in. One other major understanding available to us at this time is that we do have a large degree of say which direction our little human world takes at the closing of the dark age. It merely depends upon that which you choose to focus on. It really is simple. Love or fear?

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