Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Are Legion

Anonymous, uh, really? I know those of us who really pay attention have watched anonymous through out the years. The are most known for their constant attacks on the Church of Scientology, another interesting group to say the least. It is very easy to let yourself be swayed by different things, but if it's truth you're after just be patient. Time reveals all, even who lurks behind the Guy Fawkes mask.

Now some of you may find the above video inspiring and uplifting in the sense they promote unity in the fight against the oppressors. These are admirable qualities in a group. Any group can only survive if the individual members put the needs of the group above their own personal needs. There is another anonymous group that has been around awhile but to compare them to anonymous is kind of like apples and oranges, so I won't go there. I have had the need to enlist the services of the other anonymous group in the past (A.A.) and as a result of 7yrs. of focused work with them, learned how to live without drugs and alcohol for 27yrs now, and consider myself fortunate to say the least. I might add that one of the most important things I learned from A.A. is how I have an innate ability to bullshit myself about myself. I have worked constantly to focus that light of truth inside myself every since. This is not by choice but rather by necessity if I wish to remain alive, and of this I am most thoroughly convinced. Life in it's mysterious ways does allow a little bit of wiggle room here fortunately, but I digress.

My hesitation with anonymous is the fact that they resort to what they call peaceful methods of attacks. I don't see them as peaceful though. Intentional disruption of service can be very violent in some cases. Something else feels out of place also. Like wiki leaks they suddenly are getting lots of face time on network news. The most effective way to remain in control of things is to control the opposition. Julian Assange famed creator of wiki leaks has been proven to be just such controlled opposition in my mind, (CIA asset) so any support of wiki leaks if you know it or not, also supports this cause. I think the main reason anonymous is allowed to exist and function in it's current capacity is to have a high profile, all be it controlled opposition to the corporate banking scheme. When the media instills into the minds of the masses that anonymous is too disruptive, I believe they will be used as the reason to enact some very draconian laws regarding the use of the Internet.

However, in these most interesting times we live in it always remains possible for the unthinkable to happen. We shall see. As of this writing somethings smells fishy with anonymous. As usual time will tell. Lets all watch closely as "The Plan" begins to unfold. Peace out gang.

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